Contentment, breadth of heaven and earth

Contentment, breadth of heaven and earth
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there is a saying in the ancients:

the so-called "loss at the end of the moon". The greater the greed, the greater the annoyance.

there is a couplet in A Dream of Red Mansions, saying: "there is a forgotten hand behind me, and there is no way to turn back."

unrestrained greed will lead to doom.

contentment is a philosophy that is just right.

Zeng Guofan said: "contentment is wide and the universe is narrow."


contentment can last for a long time.

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Sima Yi followed Cao Cao to crusade against Zhang Lu and persuaded Cao Cao to take advantage of the opportunity to attack Shu.

Liu Ye, a counselor, also believes that after winning Hanzhong, it is the best time to take advantage of the opportunity to enter the kingdom of Shu.

but Cao Cao said: "A man is bitter without enough. Since he has got Longlong, why don't he look forward to Shu again?"

so the teacher returned to Korea, leaving only Xia Hou Yuan, Zhang Kui and others stationed in Hanzhong.

Cao Cao's move is often difficult for people to understand and understand, but this is exactly what makes Cao Cao outstanding.

the battle of Chibi made him return to the north, which made him soberly realize that the road to unifying the world was long and tortuous, so why rush for a while?

Zeng Guofan has always advocated that "contentment is joy, greed is sorrow".

during the reign of Tongzhi, he was an official, but "all clothes are not worth three hundred gold."

usually life is also very simple, mainly vegetarian, a meat dish, no leftovers, known as "prime minister".

in addition to his own diligence and thrift, he also asks for the same of his family.

it is under the guidance of this family style that the Zeng family has been able to prosper and prosper.


contentment can avoid disaster

Laozi said, "disaster is no greater than discontentment."

"greed" is the greatest weakness of human nature, but most of the scourges also stem from this word "greed".

as we all know today, Hefei is a famous corrupt official in history.

but in fact, Hefei was also full of ambition.

when he first entered officialdom, he was not only a beautiful man with both civil and military skills, but also a good official with integrity and self-discipline.

the trend of life began when he was ordered to investigate the case of Li Shiyao.

through the Li Shiyao case, Heyi consolidated his position.

he not only became a celebrity in front of Emperor Qianlong, but even formed an in-laws with Qianlong.

but at the same time, after Hefei arrested Li Shiyao and his henchmen, all the stolen money went into his personal pocket.

after tasting the sweetness, it got out of hand.

by partnering for private gain, looting money, running shops, and being rich, he even became the "richest man in the world" in the 18th century.

however, his actions have long aroused the dissatisfaction of Emperor Jiaqing.

only half a month after the death of Emperor Qianlong, Emperor Jiaqing gave death and death.

the generation of "king of corruption" has finally come to an end that "the house is full of gold and jade, no one can keep it, rich and proud, and blame himself".

as the old saying goes, "of all possessions, contentment is the best."

cherish what you have and live well in the present in order to live a good life.

Zeng Guofan believes that

contentment, do not ask hastily, know enough is enough, is beneficial to prevent danger and avoid calamity.


be contented and enjoy happiness

there is a saying in Caigen Tan: "those who are satisfied are in Wonderland, those who are not satisfied are in the ordinary."

not satisfied, life is to feel contented, contented, life is what is happiness? Contentment is happiness.

Hu Jiushao, a student of Da Ru Kangzhai in the Ming Dynasty, came from a poor family, ploughing and studying to support his family, but he could only provide enough food and clothing.

but Hu Jiushao burns incense every night to thank God for giving him a day of blessings.

his wife laughed at him for being pedantic: "We eat vegetable porridge three times a day. Where does Qingfu come from?"

Hu Jiushao said:

first of all, isn't it fortunate that we live in a peaceful and prosperous era without war?

secondly, it is also fortunate that our whole family has food and clothing, but not hunger and cold.

third, I am glad that there are no patients in my family, and no one is going through prison.

Why isn't all this happiness? "

Zheng Banqiao has a famous saying: "when someone rides a high horse, I ride my own donkey. I look back and carry the burden, and I feel happy."

you see, happiness is as simple as that.

Laozi said, "contentment is often enough."

contentment is the longest satisfaction and the simplest happiness.