Don't put your feet in other people's shoes! (incisive)

Don't put your feet in other people's shoes! (incisive)
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

the path under foot is different.

people's hearts all have different understandings.

No one can empathize with others.

you are not me, I am not you,

do not persuade others to be magnanimous without suffering. If the

position is different, what you see is different, and if the

standard is not the same, you will think differently.

living in this world,

the only one who really knows you is yourself.

so when dealing with others,

don't treat others in your own way,

less care, more tolerance,

less blame, more understanding.

Don't put your feet into other people's shoes again and again!


No matter how good the relationship is, we should have a distance

get along with each other casually, relax with each other, and

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leave a distance and each is comfortable.

so no matter what kind of relationship,

requires distance.

there is no distance to get along, just like being watched.

feelings without distance will depress the heart.

is not close, the relationship is close,

is not zero distance, the affection is deep.

We are all single individuals, and

everyone needs their own space.

if there is no distance,

loses freedom and trust, and

will only make each other tired and the relationship will break up.


do not know how to respect, sooner or later will be strangers

between people, need respect.

respect is a kind of recognition,

respect is a kind of politeness.

respect others, show your own grace,

know how to respect and embody your own spiritual practice.

Don't force others, interfere with others,

give people leeway and take into account their feelings.

if two people get along,

if they don't know how to respect, don't respect,

taunt each other, domineering,

hit others, embarrass others,

slowly give rise to contradictions,

to the point of inexorable,

strangers, the relationship is bound to break.


in order to win the hearts of the people

, everything is mutual.

how you treat others,

others will treat you as they do.

if you put your foot in other people's shoes,

others will put their hands in your pocket.

if you put your heart in the hands of others,

others will give your heart out.

only by comparing one's heart to heart can one win the hearts of the people, and only by exchanging the truth for the truth can one get the truth.

give others consideration, others take care of you,

treat others friendly, others return you sincerity.

others will give you a look on your face as you treat others.

so if you want to win the hearts of the people, you must first give your heart.

if you want to be understood, you must first understand people.

whether the shoes fit, their own feet know that

to wear other people's shoes is to confess their own guilt.

so don't put your feet,

into other people's shoes.

you are just you, not others.

you can only control yourself, not others.

do what you have to do, what you can do, be kind to others, respect others,

do not ask for a good name, but have a clear conscience!