Give life a smile!

Give life a smile!
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

what is life?

Life is an experience.

sharpen your perseverance and courage.

supervise your growth and teach you to be strong.

is a tough teacher and a strong opponent.


has never been merciful.

will not feel sorry for you because you cry,

will not favor you because you are weak.

if you want wealth, you must earn it hard.

if you want to be happy, you can only earn it.

when you cry, you are in a bad state of mind, and

you are weak, which means that you are incompetent.

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each of us has our own life.

whether happy or unhappy, difficult or easy,

No matter what life is like, we should move forward bravely.

whether life is good or bad, there is optimism.

after all, happiness lies in your state of mind.

the more optimistic you are, the simpler life will be.

many times we are unhappy.

always complains about life.

is not the cause of life.

is our own problem.

want too much, but can't get it.

chase for too long, that's why I'm tired.

because of greed and dissatisfaction with life,

because of being too tired, life is not happy.

Life is like water, knowing whether it is cold or warm.

We live for ourselves,

instead of keeping up with others.

Don't care about other people's gossip, don't worry about other people's comments,

your life, make your own decisions,

you don't need to immerse yourself in other people's words,

be careful and can't let go.

in fact, life is very simple.

as long as you don't think about it, you won't be pessimistic.

as long as you don't overdo it, you won't be too tired.

everything is lighter, possessions are lighter.

contentment can be happy, and bullish can be relaxed.

Life is not long.

there is no need to be sad and angry about trifles.

Life is not easy.

there is no need to worry about trifles and be negative.

give life a smile,

face it with optimism,

don't sigh, don't be sad.

Life comes and goes, and life is not easy.

We should learn to face it with a smile.

face every day of life,

smile at everything in life.

always use a sunny heart,

positive, generous and optimistic,

bear the joys and sorrows of life,

face the ups and downs of the world!