Health is the most precious thing in one's life.

Health is the most precious thing in one's life.
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Health is life, and damage to health is damage to life. Without health, there will be no guarantee of life. Therefore, each of us is the first person responsible for health.

Wang Longde, former vice minister of the Ministry of Health and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, emphasized the "four cornerstones" of human health, namely, reasonable diet, moderate exercise, tobacco and alcohol restriction, and psychological balance.

it can be said that everyone is thinking about health, everyone is shouting about health, but many people do not really put their health into practice.

physical health is very important. if something goes wrong, it not only affects your work, study and mood, but also affects the life and fate of the whole family, young and old. There is no reason why we should not pay attention to our health.

Health is the most precious in one's life.

without health, we cannot take care of our children growing up; without health, we cannot take care of our parents; without health, we cannot accompany our loved ones to Whitehead; without health, we cannot live happily for the rest of our lives.

We say that "everyone is the first responsible person for their own health" because the World Health Organization has found that among the many factors affecting health, biological factors account for 15%, environmental effects account for 17%, behavior and lifestyle account for 60%, and medical services account for only 8%.

people's mentality is the most important, which determines your life, your destiny and everything about you!

as the saying goes, "I would rather have porridge with open eyebrows than rice with frowns." It means that I would rather drink some gruel in a happy mood than eat full in anger.

what is emphasized here is that nothing is more precious than health, and nothing is more important than happiness, even if you endure hardships, as long as you have a sunny state of mind and be happy.

those who live an unhappy life with no shortage of money often have such a sigh: they would rather laugh on a bike than cry in a BMW; they would rather eat bran and pharynx three meals a day than cook in a sea of wine and meat with tears.

some people say: "people do not die of old age, nor do they die of illness, but die of anger." Although this sentence is excellent, it makes a lot of sense. The Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic says very clearly: "anger hurts the liver, likes sadness, grieves the lungs, worries injures the spleen, panic injures the kidney, and all diseases are born of qi."

therefore, we must be the masters of emotions, to control emotions, and not to let emotions control you.

We should do our duty and do a good job in every role in life. But if it is to overdraw the body, sacrifice health in exchange for money, reputation, and so on, this approach is not only undesirable, or even a kind of folly. When we lose our health, not only work, money, fame and status will become empty talk, but also filial piety to parents and taking care of children will become an extravagant hope.

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remember, no one can do healthy things for you. Who can eat for you? Who can exercise for you? Who can grieve for you? Who can get sick for you?

everyone should really realize that they are the first person responsible for health, and learn to pay attention to and protect their own health.

We should not only keep our mouth shut and open our legs, but also pay attention to changing all our bad habits, but more importantly, we should control our hearts and keep a good mindset every day!