I don't just collect movie tickets.

I don't just collect movie tickets.
Do you have the same habit of stub as I do?

there has always been a photo album full of movie tickets.

ticket stubs are neatly sandwiched in the photo album. The words on some movie tickets have faded and become shallow marks on the surface of the tickets. At this time, he will take out a black pen, clumsily imitate the printed font, and draw the name of the movie, the number of shows he has seen, and the number of seats he has sat on.

flipping through this full pamphlet, the memories attached to the movie tickets will come alive. The content of the movie, the people who accompany me, the mood when I was sitting, and the meals I had before the movie all became vivid.

looking at a thick pile of movie tickets, I feel a special sense of achievement, like holding memories in my hand.

I don't collect movie tickets, I collect memories of being together.

/II /

actually I forgot when I started collecting movie tickets, but after I started collecting them, it got out of hand.

every time I go to the cinema with a friend, I ask:\ "do you want to keep the movie ticket?"

the other person says\ "No retention\", and then he will bring all the tickets and save them together. Then, unwittingly, the book became thicker and thicker.

if you study in a university out of town, you will only go home for a month or two during the holiday. Former old friends seldom see each other, and a few pleasantries have become fixed opening remarks. Once I went to tea with my best friend who was inseparable in high school and talked about hanging out in high school:

\ "do you remember when seven of us went to see Harry Potter V? \ "

\" ah? What, where is it? \ "

\" Volcano Lake, the class was over early, so we went to the cinema together. "

\" is there such a thing?

A few seconds later, she smiled and said, "Oh, I remember. It was fun."

actually, I know that she doesn't remember it at all. It's just that she agreed with me when she saw the disappointment in my eyes. It seems that as long as we are willing to admit something we have forgotten a long time ago, we can get our relationship back to school. But to tell you the truth, if it hadn't been for the photo album with movie tickets to remind me of what happened four or five years ago, I'm afraid I would have forgotten.

We try not to forget the details of our relationship with our good friends, in order to prove that our relationship is as usual, but it turns out that memory is unreliable, and our relationship always needs "common experience" to maintain. There will also be a "long-distance relationship" in friendship. if people stay in their own circle for a long time, they naturally have less common topics with each other.

when I think about the thick movie ticket collection at home, I suddenly feel a little sad. When we saw any movie, we couldn't remember clearly; we laughed together, we sat together, we couldn't remember clearly; we had classes, we had dinner together, we couldn't remember clearly.

only the movie ticket, time, place, title and position are still so clear.

maybe this is the so-called "spiritual disconnection". We know that each other is very important, but we can't remember why it is important.

/3 /

even though watching movies at home has become a widespread interest, I still feel that I haven't really seen a movie until I've seen it in the cinema. Printing out movie tickets, checking in at the entrance, and buying buckets of popcorn should also be an irreplaceable part of the movie thing.

when the lights are dimmed, there is no disturbance from others, and all feelings are "empathy". And the person who goes to the movies with you is experiencing the same feeling and doing the same thing without distraction.

once chatting with a friend and listening to her experience of dating a male god, she said, "when he bought a movie ticket, he put it in his wallet before entering the theatre." Then when I came into the arena, I saw him take the ticket out of his wallet. I felt very good. "

although it was only what she unilaterally thought of as a "date", because it was a daily meeting between departments. When the lights came on, she asked the male god if he could give her the movie tickets.

the man asked, "what's the use of this movie ticket?"

she lied to him that she could win the lottery, and she told me that the moment she got it, she threw other movie tickets into the dustbin, leaving only two as evidence of their "dating".

maybe a movie ticket, in addition to being a permit to enter, the meaning of preserving it lies in its unique way of representing experience. Like posting a post-it note on time, time and place, people and things are clearly marked than gradually blurred memories. Collect movie tickets, there is a steady sense of peace of mind, can feel the texture and temperature of memories.

"the useless play Flying tail is a page-by-page old diary /life is an empty joy /but I can leave half Zhang Fei /miss yesterday's you"

/four /

flipping through a thick collection of movie tickets, one by one recalling the scene of watching this movie.

I went to see this show alone. It was midnight and I was in a bad mood, so I went to see the movie alone. I went to see it with my best friend during the summer vacation. I remember she was wearing a beautiful dress. This was a friend who came to visit me at my university. We watched two movies in a row, and we finally saw her falling asleep in the cinema. I went with my high school classmates. I really want to see her after college. I don't know how she is now.

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so many movie tickets, so many movies. Assuming that a movie has two hours, every 7200 seconds we spent together was carefully preserved by me.

even if you forget, there are traces of existence here. :)

stayThe play Fei, what is left is me and you of that day.