I don't want to click on moments just to vote for you.

I don't want to click on moments just to vote for you.
I'd like to know how you've been.


in fact, it's hard for me to do

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. I don't know if you've ever seen a stem that" clicks on the full text. "it probably means that since college, moments have completely degenerated into a canvassing tool. In the past, people used to simply chat when they looked you up on Wechat, but now they all ask you to vote, forward, follow and scan the QR code.

although everyone will vote and retweet for the sake of each other's friends or classmates, in fact, I don't want to click on the vote to help you canvass votes, it's best not to scan the QR code to follow an official account.

can I say that it is not easy to do something that can be done with the touch of a finger? I just don't know why WeChat moments has become like this. It has become a tool for canvassing. If you rely on asking all your relatives and friends, aunts and aunts, or even primary school students who haven't said a few words to help you canvass votes, in the end, your class uniform design, class unity contest host contest model design competition won all the opponents, does that mean that your entry level is really the first?

it doesn't make sense. If there are so many contacts on Wechat who find you only when you need to vote, the moments are full of "Please vote for me on the 15th [rose] [rose] Thank you!" Such content has no meaning, or in other words, has lost the original meaning of Wechat.

to be honest, I have only voted twice, once for my own class and once for my best friend's class badge design.

forgive me, I am really a good person.

it's just that you have your vote and I have my own life.

you say, is my personal life important or your relationship with me that you don't know so well is important.

have you ever observed that every time you launch Wechat, the first interface is one person and one earth. Telling Wechat users doesn't mean that you are a person, in this 510 million square kilometers of land, the person you want to contact, Wechat can help you find TA.

it makes sense because it helps you communicate across time and space for a long time. Instead of an one-off "Hello, could you please like the first moments for me /vote 99 for me?" This kind of words that we have seen so much that we can almost recite them.

I cleaned up a lot of things some time ago, including notebooks, notebooks, jars of hand cream, glasses cases without glasses, shoes that I wear less than four times a year. And, of course, the contacts on Wechat. I don't know if you have this eccentricity, but I hate it when things I don't need take up my space, just like what some people call "useless socializing". Someone has added you on Wechat, hasn't said a word for a long time, and refreshes WeChat moments without giving likes or comments.

like an invisible person, he is blatantly snooping on your life.

in fact, I usually delete these people quietly. I don't know if it's rude. But every time I think of the other person who found himself deleted across the screen, I can imagine the face that froze for a moment. I still have a mischievous mentality and want to chuckle.

but it doesn't matter, because we don't know each other very well.

so, I don't like being taken up by people who inexplicably add and don't talk to each other.

if we exist in each other's contact list, the meaning is only "one vote".

so, bye-bye.

I clicked on my moments a minute ago. Among the 30 posts, two are WeChat merchants selling clothes, three are voting for "most Beautiful XX", one is "selling tickets to national cinemas at low prices, and one is a WeChat merchant selling all kinds of skin care products. Fortunately, I also saw the birthday celebration photos of my high school classmates, the relics of historical figures seen by my college classmates while collecting customs, the snow from my friends in the north, a movie shared by my old roommates, and a bowl of Spicy Hot Pot eaten by my classmates in the next class. and the neighbor's dog.

Don't talk about me, you say which kind of moments you prefer to see more.

Get ready to shop the perfect elegant mother of the groom dresses in lavender color for your wardrobe? Shopping with us is a guaranteed wonderful experience.

I saw an answer on Zhihu, and the respondent said that he didn't like to post on moments and felt why his life should be exposed to others. Objectively speaking, I really appreciate that he doesn't need to post a circle of friends to get likes and a sense of existence, because for a long time I liked the saying, "Life is for yourself, not your moments." Don't let your moments become your whole life. But if I ask my heart, I am even more afraid to imagine that if all of you around me are like this, I will never see the weather on your side, which show you are chasing recently, or whether the people around you are good to you or not. I can't see when you come back, gradually, I can't see you.

because I only like my classmates, my friends and my family in my contacts. They are the fate or feelings that I need to contact and manage. Why don't I post them on moments? why don't I look at their moments, open them one by one, and comment on them seriously?

I like the clean moments, because you are inside, and you are an important part of me.

and I want you to understand that because you are not me, you do not know what you mean to me.

so please let me know how you have been recently.

by the way, don't let me know that you want me to vote. I really won't vote.

but you are my friend. Really.

follow-up: after writing this article, I closed my computer and played with my phone. Three minutes later, my phone vibrated.