I don't want to forget you.

I don't want to forget you.
Open this tweet and see who you will think of after reading it.

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@ Tonc

@ Tonc

me and you, maybe it's just a missing opportunity to fill in the crack

Last New year's Eve I only said "Happy New year" to three people. Really, these four words were sent to the three of the "quartets" in high school, but only one of them replied. He said:

"I also hope you are happy:)"

nose is sore. I don't know if it's because the other two students thought they were sending text messages in groups and didn't even bother to reply. It made me feel disappointed or because the only message I received throughout the New year was not a group message that "also hope you are happy:)"

it turns out that some people are really that important. Maybe it's because you already have a co-written story in your heart, so that you can take it for granted that the other person's "Happy New year" can be interpreted as "how are you doing recently? I hope you are all right."

because of that sentence "I hope you are happy," we opened the chatterbox that had been sealed for half a year. That night, we chatted from New year's Eve to 04:30 on Lunar New year's Day. It turned out that it was really easy to find someone. It was really easy to find someone. A Friends who had been with you and then lost contact because of the distance between time and space may really only need that opportunity or the sentence "Happy New year, XX, Happy New year" waiting for you to speak first.

in fact, it's really easy to say "Happy New year" directly, unless that person has such a tacit understanding with you that he knows you're not a group. Because every holiday insists on not sending messages in groups, in addition to not wanting to receive a full screen of responses, another reason is that I hope the other party can take this opportunity to know that I have not forgotten him, I still care about our friendship, and I have not been in touch for a long time, because I just need a greeting to make the opening remarks.

Happy New year. I'm Tong c.

@ eel whale

I prefer to continue with your story.

Today New Year's Eve was not woken up by her parents in the morning, but by the vibration of mass blessings.

every holiday, I receive a lot of blessings, messages, Wechat, to be honest, basically no reply, not even the word "Xie". On my birthday last month, I received several red envelopes with good wishes. After receiving the red envelopes, I left. Indeed, I am a person with no manners.

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there are some blessings, but they are exceptions.

at noon on Christmas Eve, I made an appointment with my friend to see the old gun. I happened to be wearing a red sweater and a red Coke can in my hand. The sun is unbelievably warm in winter, which will cause people to do some warm things. For example, when I was so indifferent, I sent a circle of friends and asked people to leave their cell phone number. I didn't say why. As a result, among the 400 contacts, only four numbers were received, one friend, two met only once, one had no recollection of who it was, and the person I wanted to call to bless was not among them, and his enthusiasm was extinguished on the bus. I thought all afternoon and one evening, what I was going to say to three other half-baked people. An hour after zero, I sat on the hotel bed with my cell phone and couldn't type a word. I decided to go to sleep as if nothing had happened. Five minutes later, I suddenly got up and said, "No, say something."

I sent some trivial words to the only four people, a long one, and found that sending messages to unimportant people could be fatal. The wonderful thing is that of the four people, only one friend went to bed early, and the other three, around 2: 00 in the morning, replied to me. So we chatted when we couldn't sleep and were idle, and two of them later became friends who could eat, drink and talk all night.

like, people who shouldn't have intersected accidentally have a story.

standing in the lively crowd on New year's Eve, the people on the stage led the countdown to 321 through microphones. On the right, a group of men and women of the same age opened beer cans with the sound of "second time". This was followed by cheers and blessings. In my many and no less New year's wishes, I first opened the dialog box of A. An is a high school friend and seldom contacted after graduation. in fact, some people are so estranged if they do not contact. The normal thing is, no matter how important it is, someone told me that the reason for estrangement is that one of them doesn't want to maintain it, and as long as one person is far away, the relationship is over. I probably will not have a sequel A will send me such a message on the last day of each year, the content is simple, but you will see this letter first in a pile of messages, you will open this letter first, you will reply to him, you will talk about a lot of things, make phone calls and even make an appointment because of these words of blessing.

like, I thought our script was done there, and suddenly the director added the play.

because when you open that message and take a look, you will know whether it is for everyone or just you, you will know its weight, you will know what it means.

sometimes it's just a happy New year, because the object is different, you will know that it is not just "Happy New year", it can actually be "long time no see", or "I miss you".

guess that right now you may be having New year's Eve dinner around the stove, may have changed into new clothes and had a lively party with a group of friends, may be on the way with your family to pay New year's greetings to relatives, you may be traveling in a foreign land or still working, and you may be sitting on the couch complaining about the Spring Festival Gala while holding your cell phone and shaking it hoarse for a few yuan red packet. I was thinking. Is it possible to take a minute or two in your busy time to send blessings to important people? as for "important people", I know you already have someone in mind when you read this article.

according to the real script, we should no longer intersect

, but I want to continue the story with you.

Happy New year, I am a happy New year.

@ Zhang thorns

some people, even if they only send me four words, I know it's not a mass message.

it suddenly occurred to me that we were able to recognize which messages were sent in groups at a glance, not because the words they contained were too hypocritical, but because they were too long.

is so long that you won't believe it's a message typed by the other person.

is so long that it makes you feel like a piece of spam and worthless.

people in ancient times specially shortened their blessings because they knew that blessings were the beginning of a conversation, and they should not occupy the vast majority of the conversation, leaving some time for a long conversation.

and those who are closer to us, the less likely they are to send us these copied messages. They would rather send a two-second voice message, even if there is no your name, no special New year message for you, only a simple "Happy New year", but you will think, "well, that's enough."

of course, when we encounter this situation, we usually hold up our mobile phone and say Happy New year to the end of the phone. At the same time, we joke with him and ask for a red packet.

then you start to talk as freely as before, and even make up your mind to ask each other out for a good night of chat.

because you know, in New Year's Eve's night, he thinks of you, you think of him.

prove that although there is less communication between you, he doesn't want to forget you, and you don't want to forget him.

Happy New year, I am a thorn.

Happy New year

I miss you

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