It turns out that many things really have to wait for a "long separation and reunion" before you understand why.

It turns out that many things really have to wait for a "long separation and reunion" before you understand why.
All the encounters are actually reunion after a long separation.

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one in three days.

before, I didn't understand why people like to talk about "reunion" so much, just as I couldn't understand the end of the movie "500 days with Summer" in my sophomore year of high school.

after the hero and heroine broke up, the boys once fell into the low ebb of life and didn't care about anything. Until one day, when he walked back to the back mountain where they used to date and remembered the good old days, he met the person he most wanted to meet, summer.

but after sitting down, summer told him that she was married.

originally this is the worst ending I can think of, that is, when you think that she is your "love at first sight", she insists that there is no such thing as "fate" in this world. Appropriate is appropriate, inappropriate is inappropriate. Then after you broke up for a while, she came up to you and said, "I'm getting married because I fell in love with him at first sight."

you want to explain something to her, only to find that she has the wedding invitation in her hand, so you have to scold your mother in your heart and laugh at your men.

so even though the film ends with someone the hero likes again, I, who was in my second year of high school, firmly classified the film "500 days with Summer" under the label "tragedy".

I didn't know why I wanted them to meet, because I thought he was miserable enough. So hard in love with their own "love at first sight", but was told that "inappropriate is inappropriate." She finally began to accept her fate, but she jumped out and proved to him: "in fact, there is love at first sight in this world, but I don't like you."

it's as if the emotional wound has just formed a scab, and the person you still love at the bottom of your heart will once again break your wound with your own hands.

well, I don't understand 02:00 high.

it wasn't until I watched 500 days with Summer at home yesterday that I understood why the director had to arrange for summer to sit on the bench that represented the sweet life they had in the past.

the man believes in fate and regards her as the only "destiny" in his life, so he falls into wireless nostalgia for the past after breaking up. He took time to fill the wound, thinking that as long as he missed it harder, it would not tear so easily.

but the director knows that if you deliberately cover up the wound, it will not form a scab, it will only become inflamed.

when he met her after marriage, he knew clearly that all the reasons for breaking up were just to cover up the sentence "I just don't like you".

if a person can change from "dislike you" to "like you", then why can't she change from "like you" to "don't like you"?

the so-called fate, the so-called love at first sight, is just the simplest way to like each other. You like him, he also recognized you at that moment, then between you is the arrangement of fate. You like him, he doesn't like you, and then you try to make her like you, in fact, it is not fate.

the man understood this only after he met her again, so he had an invitation to another girl at the end of the film.


I have a friend who has excellent grades, but becomes an idiot when it comes to emotional things. Once the four of us watched her and another boy walk into a western restaurant, but he still didn't want to believe that she was in love with someone else. Every time he talks about it, he can come up with a lot of evidence that she actually likes him

to be honest, the girl is not beautiful and doesn't look fascinating. I've talked to her a few times, but it's also limited to QQ, so I don't know what's good about her. But there is a very amazing thing, three years of high school, she has dated far more than we can imagine, our class alone has five of her ex-boyfriends, and my friend is also that 1/5. But he is her longest term and the best one.

I didn't understand why that girl let him be so determined at that time.

when we graduated, we went out for breakfast and talked about it.

he laughed as he talked and said, "actually, I already knew she didn't like me, but as long as we haven't graduated, I can't help liking her. Have you ever experienced that feeling?" It was only in the morning that you made up your mind to gnash your teeth at her, but when you met her in the afternoon, you couldn't help looking at her again. "

he said that, in fact, he had been "looking for" other girls. Because he knows that the best way to forget one person is to like another. And there is no substitute for love, only like and like more, he wants to know if there is someone in this school who can make him like more, but two years later, he also tried his best.

he opened the cigarette case and took out a cigarette and put it in his hand.

I said, "you can't smoke here, right?"

he said, "I know. I'm just used to it. I won't order it."

when a girl suppresses you in terms of EQ and IQ, you have to think carefully about everything you say. You can't be a hero in front of her, all the love shown is sincere, you can't lie to her, because you will become very weak in front of her, like a big idiot. But one day you find that she doesn't like you, you should know at that moment that you will never find a girl like her in your life, not because it is difficult for you to like others, but because you have become smarter.

after that, all the silly and cute people forced to smile.

at 2 o'clock the night after breakfast, he posted such a circle of friends, and I saw her head appear next door to the hollow one.


like each other, but you can'tLiterally lucky.

but don't like it, in fact, it is also meant to be.

this article was written by me on the second floor of a big shopping mall in Guangzhou. I watched the bustling crowd pass in front of me, and I don't know how many "likes" and "dislikes" are hidden in it. Some of them left in a hurry, as if they were going to rush to the battlefield with that cup of coffee, leaving no sign of being reluctant to part with the mall. When I looked at them, I thought of the people I met in the red brick factory in the afternoon, when it was raining, and everyone walked very slowly, unwilling to let go of any small details that belonged there.

what I remember most is the girl wearing headphones. She was carrying a black backpack and photographing the gray sky with her mobile phone.

at that moment, I seemed to understand a sentence I saw in the Norwegian Forest in high school. Haruki Murakami said:

"I just don't like to be disappointed."

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well, she's alone.

I came to Guangzhou today to do the first issue of "selling Story".

We met at 01:00, and the first thing I did was to put my arm on his shoulder and ask him how long he had been waiting. He said that before long, let's go and get something to eat.

then we began to wander. Seven hours later, he took Line 5 to his station, while I took the opposite direction to Yang Ji. We have a common feeling about today, that is, it is amazing. It is clear that everyone is the first time to meet, but all the truth is said, there is no unfamiliar embarrassment.

well, look forward to it. Maybe I'll post an article about him in two days.

by the way, he gave me 160 yuan, and I asked him without regret.

he said, I think it's fine.

really, nice to meet you.