It turns out that this is called "the Law of unworthiness".

It turns out that this is called "the Law of unworthiness".
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if there is nothing in mind, there is nothing in mind, and there is joy and joy in heart.

it's a rare trip to the world, so it's natural to live a good life, so why block yourself for the sake of trifles?

learn the law of "not worth it" in order to live a relaxed and comfortable life for a long time.


unnecessary arguments are not worth arguing.

some people say that the most important eight words in life are "none of your business" and "none of my business".

these eight words can solve 80% of the troubles.

this may sound like a moment of euphoria, but when you think about it, isn't that the truth?

if you have to explain to others again and again every day, your time will slip away in these arguments, and your good mood will gradually deteriorate in these arguments.

Zhuangzi said such a sentence in Qiushui:

Confucius also warned his disciples not to talk about the four seasons with the grasshopper who lived and died in the spring and autumn.

arguing with people at different levels is a kind of unnecessary consumption.

he's never been where you've been, doesn't know the books you've read, doesn't know the people you meet.

across too many obstacles, communication is a long and futile effort.

you stand on the top of the mountain and tell him that there is a sea ahead, and he can only see desolation halfway up the mountain.

instead of arguing with him, it is better to head for the sea.


meaningless things are not worth entangling

Voltaire said:

many people who are crushed by life are not big problems, but some very trivial things.

because those seemingly trivial things can drain people's energy endlessly.

at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, a man named Meng Min bought a clay pot and accidentally broke it on the road.

Meng Min left without even looking at it.

the passer-by was surprised and asked him, "your jar is broken. Why don't you even take a look at it?"

Meng Min replied, "the jar is broken. What's the use of watching it?"

for Meng Min, if you stay and regret a jar, you may miss the inn where you stop at night, or you may not have a chance to enjoy the glow of sunset.

instead of standing in the same place with remorse, it is better to start at once, do not deal with it, and do not look back.

in this world, everything has a cost. If you waste time on things that are not worth it, you are bound to miss out on other good things.

instead of wasting your life entangling with things that are not worth it, move on immediately, without entanglement, without remorse, without looking back.


other people's comments are not worth paying too much attention to

there is a man named Shi Chengqi in Zhuangzi. He heard that the world often praised Laozi, so he traveled across mountains and rivers to visit Laozi.

I saw that I was not handsome and the place where I lived was in a mess.

Shi Chengqi said, "people say you are a saint, but I think you are more like a mouse."

Shi Chengqi had to go.

the next day, Shi Chengqi felt that he had gone too far and came to apologize to Laozi.

who knows what Laozi said to him:

what you say, what you say, can neither affect me nor change me.

others are in a hurry to jump when they say a few words, mostly because they are not sure enough.

people with rich hearts live in their own hearts, not in the mouths of others.


the relationship of going far is not worth nostalgia

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there is a saying like this:

"I don't know since when, there are dates on everything.

saury will expire, canned meat will expire, and even cling paper will expire. "

many years ago, I could not understand the phrase "the stranger in the coming year is the dearest so-and-so yesterday" in the song, but now I understand that it is a person in the song.

some people don't have to be forced to stay, and some relationships don't have to be forced.

to accept anyone's drifting away, accept anyone's parting ways.

stop acting like a child, holding on to something and refusing to put it down. Only by "giving up" can you get a better reward.

Life is a breakup.

people who are not worth it, things that are not worth it, things that are not worth it, all try to take away your life.

all you have to do is take back the life that originally belongs to you from what is not worth it.

Don't overestimate your relationship with anyone and don't underestimate your ability to move forward on your own.

it's expensive for the rest of your life, so don't struggle with "not worth it".