Learn to make yourself happy for the rest of your life

Learn to make yourself happy for the rest of your life
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

some people say: "the happiness of people all lies in the happiness of the heart."

taking good care of your mood is more important than anything else.

learn to make yourself happy for the rest of your life.


A good night's sleep is the way to restart your life

there is a topic on Weibo is # Adult self-restart #.

how can I make myself happy?

someone told me to sleep and wake up, and tomorrow will be another day full of vitality.

have a good sleep, go to bed early and get up early.

Don't sink in the sleepless night, let go of those indifferent things, and find your quiet and comfortable self.

take a fragrant bath at night, soak your feet with hot water, promote the body's blood circulation and relax the muscles that have been taut for a day, so that you can fall asleep with higher quality when you sleep at night.

Get prepared to purchase the alluring beige bridesmaid dresses and have everyone looking at you. We have something absolutely perfect for any occasion in your life.

Lenin once said: "he who will not rest will not work."

some time ago, scientists in Boston have confirmed that staying up late really makes you stupid.

because every organ in the human body produces garbage and waste, and the brain is the most active organ in the organ.

while the brain does not have a special excretion system, only when sleeping, can you use "cerebrospinal fluid" to clear out all the waste along the blood vessels.

so research shows that the most effective way to clean up the brain is to sleep!

clear the brain before you can travel light.

starting from today, put down mobile phones, computers, tablets and other electronic products and get into the habit of going to bed early.

as Walker, the author of why we sleep, once said:

A good night's sleep is the way to restart your life.



as the saying goes, "the world is so big that I want to see it."

travel and leave all your worries on the road.

Life is short. If you come to earth, you should see the sun.

go to places you've never been to, experience different feelings, and add color to your mind.

Travel is a memorable occasion.

Travel with different people of different ages will have different experiences.

to understand different cultural customs and food characteristics: see the beautiful scenery of the West Lake, enjoy the Yangtze River and Yellow River, overlook the meandering mountains, and feel the sun, moon and stars.

when you walk many roads and bridges, you may find that the world is vast and there are many different ways and choices in life.

read ten thousand books and travel thousands of miles.

Life is always on the road. The boring life day after day, and the people and things you can't get used to, the knots that you can't open will be relieved and epiphany with your experience and time.

both the good and the bad are scenery, experience is wealth, there is no road in vain in life, every step counts.

see yourself, heaven and earth, and sentient beings.

the meaning of travel is probably to know yourself, to know others, and to understand the world.


to enjoy good food

is to eat happiness into the stomach

thousands of rooms, and it takes only six feet to sleep at night. The family is rich, and the solar eclipse is no more than three meals.

there is no trouble that can't be solved by a good meal, if so, two meals.

every kind of food hides a different kind of joy;

every taste contains colorful happiness.

I like to eat in a lively and lively place, because it can smooth out the sense of loneliness.

I like to cook some simple and delicious home-cooked dishes at home, chat with my family while eating, and enjoy the pleasure of chatting.

I also like to sit by the window, watch the pedestrians coming and going, smell the tea, and enjoy the freedom of the whole afternoon.

there is a saying in Yelo Abe's late Night Canteen: "in the world, there are ups and downs, if you grow a good river."

the smoke and fire in the world is the most appealing to the hearts of the people.

there is a saying in the food documentary A string of Life:

the joys and sorrows of life are like the bitterness and sweetness of dishes.

to enjoy good food is to eat happiness into your stomach.

when the years go by, only the smell floating in the air still clings to each other, making the past fresh in my mind.



is to get rid of unhappiness


exercise gives people a wonderful feeling. When you run, you can put aside all your troubles and watch people come and go, and you will feel a sense of pleasure when you run.

when Haruki Murakami dried up, he went for a run to relax himself.

slowly he falls in love with running, because running relieves stress and allows him to relax and continue to write.

this is how he describes the scene of running a marathon:

exercise brings him endless happiness.

try to do some continuous aerobic exercise, such as jogging, swimming, cycling, etc., which is good for your health.

can not only enhance the body's immunity, but also make the brain release the emotional element endorphin, making people feel physically and mentally happy and calm.

exercise and get rid of all unhappiness.


A person should learn to make himself happy

Mr. Cai Lan once said:

A person should learn to make himself happy.

Life is like a mirror. If you smile at it, it smiles at you; if you cry to it, it cries to you.

the most magical part of life is that you always reach the willow and flowers through the dark caves.

chase light, become light, emit light.

always be grateful and pay attention to good people and things, the happier you will be.

you can be invincible as long as you are full of hope.