Leave the dishes to my mother to wash (very touching)

Leave the dishes to my mother to wash (very touching)
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some people say that the feeling of loneliness and not being needed is the most miserable poverty.

in this world, there is a kind of people who often don't feel needed.

they are often lonely because they are not needed.

they have lost their youthful vitality and the skills to make a living. Society no longer needs them, and their children no longer need them.

sometimes, life is full of powerlessness for them.

they are elderly parents.

We always think that having no worries about food and clothing and not having to work is the greatest filial piety to them.

ignores the fact that our parents are not only our parents, but also people with normal emotional needs.

how can a normal person wish he was a "loser" who held out his clothes and food?

the more powerless people feel about life, the more they want to be needed and affirmed.

what can we give them? For them, what is true filial piety?


when I was in college, I came back from an internship and we had a meal at the home of the professor who led the team.

after a pleasant dinner, the cup and plate on the table was a mess.

several students rushed to wash the dishes, but the professor smiled and said, "No hurry, someone is doing it."

the professor put the dishes and chopsticks into the sink, washed away the oil first, and then walked gently to his 80-year-old mother: "Mom, wash the dishes."... "

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the students froze all of a sudden, and the old lady changed her fatigue on the dining table, walked energetically to the edge of the pool, and washed the dishes slowly, which took half an hour to finish.

the professor said happily to the old lady, "thanks for your hard work, have a rest."

he took a towel and wiped his mother's hands.

after helping his mother back to her room, the professor went back to the kitchen and washed the dishes again.

the professor said to us in surprise:

mothers do not want to do something for their children, even if she is old, but in her eyes, her son will always need her help.

Let her wash the dishes, she will feel that her son needs her, and she will have a full day.

filial piety to your parents, in addition to helping them, but also give them a chance to let them love you.


it turns out that love also requires wisdom.

just like in childhood, parents will think about how to love us so that we can grow up healthily.

We also need to think about how to love our parents so that they can grow old at ease.

True filial piety is not material filial piety, but spiritual satisfaction.

honor your parents by making them feel needed.

maybe we can say, Mom, it's time to wash the dishes!

maybe we can say, Dad, help me hang these two clothes!

maybe we can also say, Mom and Dad, I have to get up early for work tomorrow. Wake me up.

make my parents feel that I am important.

this is the simplest and most perfect love we can give to our parents.

sometimes love is as simple as that; filial piety to your parents is as simple as that.

simplicity does not mean carelessness. The love of walking heart is easier to be felt.

how precious it is to be loved with all your heart and have the opportunity to love others when you are getting old.

May all parents in the world have something to do, love to trust, need others, and be needed by others.