Life "nine but", every sentence contains genius (must-read)

Life "nine but", every sentence contains genius (must-read)
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the Book of morality says: "Tao gives birth to two, two to three, and three to all things. All things change and return to one again after 9981. "

Nine is the ultimate of Tao, and it is also the turning point.

as the saying goes: the bright nine is not terrible, the dark nine is bigger than the sky.

there are these nine places in life, and you must not pass them.


too lazy

Zeng Guofan said: "all kinds of ills are born from laziness."

laziness is the beginning of failure.

nowadays, many people have procrastination. Procrastination is a kind of laziness.

temporary laziness will make us miss out on many important things and lose opportunities in life.

long-term laziness directly drags down the whole life.

if you want to change yourself, first refuse procrastination, get rid of the habit of laziness, and get things done today.


excessive greed

Laozi said, "there is no greater sin than desire, and no greater evil than discontent."

if you are greedy for the advantages of the world, you will suffer from the way of heaven.

greed is the root of all evil.

how many people ruin their bright future because of "greed"?

as the saying goes: greed for money leads to danger, greed for power leads to exhaustion.

only when people learn to be contented can they be happy forever.


excessive desire

is born as a human being with endless desire.

the desire of life is like a weed that can't be cut off.

but if the weed is allowed to grow, it is bound to endanger the big tree of life.

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We should learn to weed in time, pull out undivided thoughts, and stop excessive desires.

practice in the world of mortals, keep a clean heart, a clear head, and live a clear life.



there is a ruler in life and a degree in being a man.

there is a yardstick for everything. To reach a certain limit, you should know how to stop losses in time.

do not strive for profit, and your career does not seek fulfillment.

Life is like water at the end of a bowl, it is easy to spill if it is too full, and it is easy to fall if it is filled with too much water.

the best state of life, but the flowers are not in full bloom and the tea is not full.

give yourself some opportunities to leave blank, room to bow, and a way to make concessions, and life will be easier, that is, the best realm.


across the tongue

everyone has a mouth, open mouth to say words, shut up to leave love.

it only takes a year to learn to speak, but it takes a lifetime to learn to shut up.

there are some things you don't have to say.

there are some words that may not necessarily be heard.

instead of chattering on your mouth, it's better to do more from reality.

he must be the one who wants to be happy for a while and chew on the roots of others.



people are not saints, who can make mistakes.

but all individuals make mistakes, even saints.

you can correct your mistakes by knowing your mistakes.

when a person faces a mistake, he can not escape, dare to admit it, and actively correct it.

then there is no need to pursue his responsibility, but to encourage his attitude that he can correct his mistakes.

excessive recrimination and heckling will only make people afraid and dare not admit their mistakes.

such consequences will only get deeper and deeper, and the more blaming, the greater the mistake.



this era preaches success, but forgets how many people died in Lawton.

in fact, we are all ordinary, ordinary bodies, ordinary lives.

there is only one life and personality.

the most loyal choice is to choose to live a life of our own.

bid farewell to the "overworked" life and give yourself a long-term health.


too fast

Modern society emphasizes "speed".

the diet should be "fast food", the result should be "quick effect", and even in the communication between people, it should be "quick".

but in the long-term too fast pace of life, we not only do not feel convenient, but feel tired.

Life is not easy to be "too fast".

eat slowly, do things carefully, and get along with others for a long time before you can see your heart.

enjoy a slow life, and you will find that everything will be very different.



A life without a goal is a pool of loose sand.

but the pursuit also needs a limit, not "overseeking".

We should strive for the things we cannot get, but we should not consume them in advance. The feelings that

cannot get can be run-in slowly, but not deliberately. Excessive search is bound to pay a hundredfold and a thousand times the price.

there is only one life, and act and cherish, and act carefully.