Love is not enough for my movie and my her.

Love is not enough for my movie and my her.
I asked him the best thing besides making a movie, and he said it was his girlfriend, and even though I knew the answer would be this, I was caught off guard.

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every time I go to a place where I can write a postcard, I will write one to myself. Yesterday, I wrote "to my true self, it's worth sticking to." When the tip of the pen scratches smoothly on the hard paper, there is only one word in my mind, that is, "writing". More than four months ago, I heard an elder say to me, "I can't tell you a very clear feeling, you just have to keep writing." after that, you will not feel empty when you think of my words. "

if it took me four months to find my style, then I think I was sitting at my desk that day because of this movie, I realized that just liking is far from enough. I have to like it very much, and insist on it very much, and, to have responsibility, it's enough.

people live for more than ten years, twenty years or fifty years, there will always be some regrets or ashamed decisions, but I have heard people say that "the best time to plant a tree is ten years ago or today."

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after the premiere ceremony of Gong Nong on the 8th, I have a more correct and deep understanding of this sentence, not only literally, but also more clearly that this sentence should be made on the road of pursuit and convey a kind of value. to complete your life and even other people. This is my clearest feeling after watching the premiere of "on the Road" by the film studio on the road and interviewing the director and producer, because in his eyes, for the first time, I saw something in the eyes of the dreamer besides the glow of enthusiasm-"give firmly". In the past, I thought it was enough to pursue the same thing as long as I had the enthusiasm to like it, but it wasn't. It turned out that I had to like it very much.

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I have told others that the most real me is actually in the words I have written. I like to listen to the sound of tapping on the keyboard. I like to use words instead of pictures to convey emotions. But often I will be overshadowed because I dare not think about what I can bring with these hobbies in the future. I am cowardly and dare not take the road of cultural industry as my most determined direction. I know full well that in the chaos there is a wide platform to connect with many like-minded people in the event, but I always dare not say: "I want to insist on doing what I like."

for what reason, for fear of failing to live up to the expectations of their elders, for fear of job stability, for fear of wasting professional knowledge? However, I don't like everything that is accepted in the first place, and what I should fear most is that I regret doing what I like in an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I can do it.

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the film constantly reminds me of a lot of things. The man shouted "work hard, struggle" like Stephen Chow in King of Comedy on the overpass. When I was laughed at by passers-by, I remembered that I used to ask others with exercises. I saw the same look in the eyes of different people, "frivolous, arrogant, ridiculed." I also remembered what my grandmother said to me in front of the hospital bed yesterday, "if you really want to do that, do it. I know it's just out of happiness, but you can only be young once in your life."

at the beginning of the film, the protagonist really used a lot of foul language, and the smell of youth and rebellion jumped out of the screen with these words and characters' denim jackets and black earrings on their ears. the man ran away from home because he wanted to learn to make a film and said to the director teacher under the background that he was not a student of the film school, "I want to learn to make a film." When the director teacher said: "how to make a movie, you are not a director." He repeatedly retorted: "I am a director." "you are not." "I am." "No." "I'm a director!" When the director teacher kept making trouble, his face became more and more open-minded from the embarrassment and humility at the beginning, repeating at least three times, "I want to learn to make a movie with you."

at this time, the audience all chuckled, perhaps because the stubborn dialogue and strong expressions of the two people conveyed a kind of behavior of "insisting on shamelessness". Many times, don't we have to be shameless in order to win the opportunity? when we are looked down upon by others, there should be a kind of self-knowledge that is not humble and arrogant, if everywhere is dead to save face. What is the value of being small?

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it was actually several months ago when I first heard the name of this movie, and at that time I was in another team to do a little preliminary promotion for the film. At that time, I thought, why is the word "on the Road" so common or even a little old-fashioned? even after watching the premiere tonight, I still don't understand the meaning until I finish interviewing the director. There is a kind of clairvoyant enlightenment in an instant.

Tong: "as both the director and the protagonist, what do you think of this film?"

Si Ming: "I will give it a score of 80, because I admit that the technology is immature and the shooting equipment is actually very cheap, but I put it in a very high position. It is the best film I have ever made, because personally, I personally put my values and spirit into a movie with 100% heart. I am worthy of this score. On the other hand, I am honored that it brings out a kind of power. it tells all those who pursue in their hearts that ideals should not only be said, but must be put into practice. "

Tong: "what are you doing best for your film career so far?"

Si Ming: "first of all, I believe that people can only live once. In these decades, if you don't pursue what you want to do, you will regret it for the rest of your life. I dropped out at 02:00." my grades are very good, but in the course of my study, I found that it was not what I wanted to do, so I made this decision, and after that, I realized that I didn't.There is a way to turn back, coupled with my own relatively pure, for the sake of the ideal I can give up those who others think is the best and most important. There may be no need for achievement, because it is enough to concentrate on one thing all my life, and I will stay until 2082, the day I die. (he said on the stage before the premiere that he had done a test that he could live until 2082.) I would say to myself that I was a director, and what I had to do was to prove and encourage others with my own experience in the film. "

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Tong: "I have heard the saying 'what feelings to talk about without money'. What do you think of this statement?"

Si Ming: "this statement absolutely has the necessity of its existence. There is no conflict between feelings and commerce. In essence, they are even the same, all out of the pursuit of art." Because I also need investors and partners to make films, which makes me understand that really good works should be combined with business in order to expand in the long run, otherwise it would be too idealistic to just talk about feelings. "

Tong: "finally, I want to ask you, what is the better thing in your life than making a movie?"

Si Ming: "mm-hmm. I am dating my girlfriend, because the process of chasing her is really wonderful and romantic. I am a director, so I will do a lot of romantic things, and she is a very important spiritual pillar in my pursuit of my career and ideals. I would make a movie if I could, about me and her, I am confident that this film will be better than "those years" and "my Girl days" But I just want to show her this movie alone. "

after the premiere, Director Huang Siming gave a speech and invited his girlfriend to share the stage. That night, the two of them were wearing lovers' sweaters, obviously just such a scene. When he looked at his girlfriend, I seemed to see the newlyweds dressed up and holding flowers again. I looked at the empty seat on the left off the stage and just felt envious.

best wishes.

members take a group photo (the couple's sweater is for the director and his girlfriend)

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finally feel that it is close to 10 o'clock after the premiere and interview, and the temperature today is only 8 degrees Celsius. On the return taxi, I said to Zhang Jingsui: "the movie is good, the happiest thing I have a chance to get in touch with them, and I feel that I have found something that may be my biggest harvest in the past few months." At the end of the movie, the man who was ready to give up his ideal found that the camera he used was not broken. He chased the friend who grabbed his camera from the car and ran so far with the girl he liked. I finally understood why it was called "on the road". It had no definite ending, did not say that he gave up or achieved, but he was on his way. "

after the interview, Si Ming also said that one of his happiest things during the shooting was that he, as the hero, ran desperately in the rain to chase the van with his camera and beloved girl in the rain, yelling and rushing forward at the same time, he said: "this may be my most top day in years, because the prototype of the story is my experience, and the protagonist is my personal interpretation." This feeling of running in pursuit will never happen again in my life, and on that day I really felt that I had done something "good X". "

Yes, great to the ideal, can also be small enough to put pictures of important people in the wallet, these things will not be done twice in a lifetime, not without the ability or feelings, but the state of mind has been different, once in a lifetime, many things, many people, only need this is enough for once in a lifetime.

I once wanted to study geography or psychology. When I wrote my teaching plan, I used geography as a template, but my Chinese major was boring. But I can't turn back today when I choose another major. This is probably the most regrettable thing I've done in the past 18 years, but today I dare to tell myself that I'm glad because I know what I want. If you believe me, I hope you can not be cowardly. After watching this movie, you will know what you want to pursue. In fact, it is never too late. I have been aware of it for seven months, and I do not know how long you are.

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