Man's life is doomed! (good text in depth)

Man's life is doomed! (good text in depth)
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Qian Zhongshu once said in besieged Fortress: "there is no accident in the world, it is just the necessity of wearing makeup and wearing a mask."

in the journey of life to death, what you will meet and what will happen seems to be accidental, but in fact it is inevitable.

all the gains and losses of gathering and dispersion, the cycle of cause and effect, are also doomed.

so, whether it is bitter or sweet, good or bad, there is no need to complain, because all this is God's best arrangement!


gathering and dispersing are all doomed to

Xi Murong said: "looking back 500 times in the previous life, we will pass by once in this life."

people come and go in life, and the fate is scattered, all arranged in the dark, and none of it is decided by people.

the people you should meet will always meet, and those who should leave cannot stay even if you beg.

in any case, if you are predestined to get together, cherish it, treat every feeling attentively, and live up to this rare fate;

if fate comes to an end, smile and face it without entanglement, because gathering and breaking up is providence, and no one can force it.

I still remember that in A Dream of Red Mansions, when Baoyu and Daiyu first met, Baoyu smiled and said, "I've seen this sister before."

Mother Jia joked: "nonsense again!" Have you ever seen her? "

Baoyu said, "although I haven't seen it, it looks familiar. It looks like a reunion after a long separation."

Daiyu also thought to herself, "it's strange that I've seen it somewhere. Why do you look so familiar?"

one is the fairy flower of Langyuan, and the other is flawless jade. if it is not the cause of the previous life, where does it come from?

but after all, the love is deep and shallow, and in the end it is just a mirror romance.

in this world, all the encounters and departures are preordained, and all reunion is a hit arrangement.

some people come, some go, gather and break up without people, all by providence, and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

be grateful for every encounter and accept every parting so that you can live up to your original intention and leave no regrets.


cause and effect are all doomed to

there is a saying in the Zen saying: "if you drink and peck, you will be determined."

everything in the world is a cycle of cause and effect, not by accident.

the consequences you bear now are the cause of your thoughts;

what you have in the future is due to what you do now.

the ups and downs of life, the fate of unpredictable, seemingly random, but in fact everything is doomed.

A Zen master traveled down the mountain and saw a beggar who wanted his own food and water for him.

at this time, someone kindly said, "Master, please don't give it. He came out to cheat."

the Zen master smiled and said, "I accumulate my blessings, he is his evil, the way of heaven has reincarnation, and good and evil will be rewarded."

the Buddhist sutra also says: "all dharma are empty, cause and effect are not empty."

there is cause and effect between good and evil in the world, and time will tell you the answer.

every good luck you have saved is a blessing you have saved, and every bad luck is paying the price for your past mistakes.

the bitterness you have suffered and the tears you have shed will illuminate your way forward; the goodness you give and the love you give will turn into blessings in life.

Destiny is fair. If you are always kind, what you give will come back to you.


gains and losses are doomed

Zeng Guofan said: "there are certain gains and losses, but there are many who ask for it, and even if you ask for it, it is also your destiny."

you know, a lot of things cannot be forced to come. Gains and losses have long been doomed.

it should be yours, and sooner or later it will belong to you; if it is not yours, no matter how demanding it is, it will be in vain.

once read a story.

A father keeps a parrot and cherishes it very much. He cleans the birdcage and feeds it with water every day.

inexpensive in outfits for mothers bride at outdoor weddings ! Shop now at prices that will make your head spin.

once, when he was going on a long trip, he told his son to take good care of him and explained all the details one by one.

the son dared not neglect this important task and took care of the birds meticulously every day after his father left home.

but because of a moment of carelessness, he still let the bird fly away, and his son felt very sad.

so, when his father came back, he took the initiative to receive the punishment, but his father did not scold him, but said calmly, "when you have it, you have done your best; after you lose it, you don't have to worry about it."

I can't help thinking of what Sanmao said: "everything in the world comes and goes, there is his time."

Don't forget that sometimes you have to have it in your life, and don't force it all the time.

whether things or people, we should be prepared to hold us back for life, and we should also have the calmness of sudden loss.

get calm, lose indifferent, all let nature take its course, can be leisurely and at ease, the mind is free.


money is doomed

as the saying goes, "if you hit ten dollars, you can't get a hundred dollars."

everyone has a destiny. How much money you have and how much fortune you have are all predestined.

there is no greed in life. If you insist on it, it will be either a disaster or a disaster.

money is not forced. As the saying goes, "small wealth depends on diligence, great wealth depends on virtue."

Heaven and earth are selfless, only virtue is dear, small money can rely on diligence, great wealth depends on virtue.

A person does many good deeds, accumulate virtue and do good deeds, and fortune and fortune will naturally come.

Fan Li is the first wonder of the Spring and Autumn period.

as a subject, he assisted Gou Jian, the king of Yue, to restore the country and become king.

as a businessman, he gave away his fortune three times and became super-rich again three times, and was respected by the world.For the "Shang Sheng".

every time he gets rich in business, he gives away all his wealth to the poor, but soon he can accumulate a great deal of wealth.

there is a saying in "Fan Sixun": "he who enjoys the property of a hundred gold must be a figure of a hundred gold, and he who enjoys the property of a thousand gold must be a figure of a thousand gold."

A person's virtue and wealth complement each other. If virtue does not match, it will only lead to disaster.

how many people lose their minds because of money and lose their minds because of interests.

do not realize that only by being diligent and pragmatic, accumulating virtues and cultivating blessings, earning the money you should earn, and taking the road you should take, can you have more and more money in your life.

Zhuangzi once said, "those who know the truth are not nameless."

means that if a person really sees the truth of fate, he will not force anything other than fate.

We can't fight for heaven, we can't count on fate, we can't change the origin of life, and we don't know where we will return in the future.

gather and disperse gains and losses, money cause and effect, belong to you, always be there, not yours, don't argue about it.

since persistent futility and insistence on uselessness, it is better to listen to fate and let nature take its course is the most happy ending.

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