Meet in the sky, stay in the people (profound)

Meet in the sky, stay in the people (profound)
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

people come and go on the road of life.

there are many people who can accompany you for a while, and few people who can accompany you for the rest of your life.

after half a lifetime, you will find a law: meet in heaven, stay with people.

meeting each other is determined by fate, and keeping each other is decided by people.

the world is so big that it is not easy to meet what you are destined to meet. Cherish those who have a small heart and have a heart for you.


meet by fate

like a sentence:

every time we meet, it is destined for fate.

fate is really wonderful.

A mistake leads you to a good friend; a passing by makes you meet a true love.

at the beginning of A Dream of Red Mansions, it is said that Lin Daiyu is a reincarnated crimson pearl fairy grass, while Jia Baoyu is a waitress in the Cabernet Palace.

in the previous life, the crimson pearl fairy grass was withered and yellow because it was not watered. It just so happened that the waiter of the Cabernet Sauvignon Palace passed by the bank and felt sorry for the grass, so he watered it every day.

the immortal grass is moistened by nectar and the essence of heaven and earth, which can last for years.

after a long time, Crimson Pearl Fairy took off the foetus of vegetation, transformed into a human form, and became a crimson pearl fairy.

later, the two were reincarnated and met again in previous lives.

that's it. When Jia Baoyu first saw Lin Daiyu in Jia's mansion, he blurted out:

later, Daiyu's father also died. Daiyu has lived in Jia Fu ever since. Daiyu and Jia Baoyu had a strange love.

you water me and I miss you.

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this relationship has moved many people for three hundred years.

there is a saying:

people who are predestined will meet no matter what; those who are not predestined will be separated no matter how forced they are.

there are two parallel lines between people, and fate makes them meet only when they meet each other.

every encounter is a gift from heaven.

so, whether it lasts for a long time or not, every encounter is worth cherishing.


it is easy to meet by conduct

, but difficult to know each other.

people walk together by the love at first sight, but if they want to walk for a long time, they must rely on mutual attraction and maintain each other's feelings.

as the saying goes,

character is the best charm in social life.

from a person's conduct, you can know whether a person is worthy of a deep acquaintance.

people of good character know how to think of others; people of bad conduct only think of themselves.

when Yan Shu and Fan Zhongyan first met, they were deeply impressed by Fan Zhongyan's conduct.

at that time, Fan Zhongyan's mother died, so Fan Zhongyan kept filial piety for his mother in Yingtianfu.

during this period, Fan Zhongyan also wrote to the imperial court to state his thoughts of worrying about the country and the people.

Fan Zhongyan was upright by nature and soft at heart. when he saw the out-of-school children, he set up a school to teach the students himself.

this is also why Yan Shu admires Fan Zhongyan.

when Yan Shu was demoted, he did not forget to recommend Fan Zhongyan.

Yan Shu has an acquaintance with Fan Zhongyan, and the two are relatively close in age and like-minded.

so Fan and Yan became best friends and allies in the imperial court.

they appreciate and sympathize with each other because of their similar conduct.

in the final analysis, whether two people can get along with each other depends on sincerity; whether they can know each other depends on their character.

John Locke said: "good character is the true wealth of the heart, and it is good breeding that shows it."

everyone likes to get along with people with good character, and getting along with them will make people feel comfortable and like a spring breeze.

so, when you talk to people, you must talk to people with good character.

only those with good conduct are worthy of your sincerity.


meet in heaven, stay in people

fate makes people meet, but whether they can be together or not is still in people.

any relationship requires both parties to work hard in order to last long.

he who knows the cold and knows the heat is the heart, and the eye is the one who looks at each other.

what never leaves and never gives up is love; what happens all one's life is love.

there was a young man who went to the Zen monastery to participate in Zen with master.

in the summer afternoon, it is so hot that the two cicadas keep barking in the tree.

the young man was a little upset, so he looked at the two cicadas in the tree and looked at each other as if they could not hear each other.

he had doubts in his mind, so he went to Master for an explanation.

Master smiled:

when he had finished, she led him to find another master.

after entering the door, the two masters first sat down, and then they made tea together.

one person washes the teacup and one person washes the tea.

then one person hands over tea and boiling water, and one person makes tea and hot teacup.

the two masters work together so tacitly that they will not spill the tea at all, nor will the teacup touch the teapot.

the young man said with emotion:

at this time, Master said:

Young people have an epiphany.

it's really easy for people to get along with others.

if you are good to me and I am good to you, you will be able to continue this friendship.

going in both directions will make a relationship meaningful.

how many people, from nothing to nothing to talk about; how many destinies, from meeting each other to being separated overnight.

every relationship is inseparable from the mutual tolerance and understanding of the two.

only manage and cherish with your heartThe relationship can last for a long time.

there is a saying:

meet in heaven, stay with people.

fate, let people come together; conduct, let people attract each other; sincere, make people sympathize with each other.

whether we can have a sincere relationship depends not only on heaven, but also on people.

May we all cherish it at the time of origin in the future, and sincerely treat each other at the right time.