Never save the best for last (profound)

Never save the best for last (profound)
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some time ago, I saw a story.

an old couple lived frugally and brought up four children.

when their 50th wedding anniversary is approaching, the children want to give a golden wedding gift to the old couple.

thinking of their parents' daily yearning for the sea, the children decided to let the old couple enjoy a luxury cruise.

the old couple boarded the cruise ship on the agreed day, and the facilities on board and the high cost surprised the old couple.

Life on board is pleasant and bitter.

the old couple enjoy the scenery on the deck every day, but because they don't want to spend money, they can only watch other tourists play in the swimming pool, watch movies, and enjoy SPA.

the old couple's room is not far from the restaurant. Every mealtime, they are always hungry by the smell of food from the restaurant.

once the old man made up his mind to taste it.

they all walked to the door of the restaurant, but looking at the price on the menu, the old man hesitated for a long time and finally returned to his room and opened the instant noodles he had with him.

seeing the last day of the ship trip, the old man and his wife suggested, "Why don't we go to dinner, so that when the children ask later, it's easy to say no?"

the wife thought for a moment and nodded.

when it was time for dinner, the old couple came to the restaurant dressed in the most decent clothes and tasted the delicious food slowly in the romantic atmosphere of musical candlelight.

the meal time is coming to an end, and the old man is still trying to get the waiter to pay the bill.

the waiter asked the old man politely, "Hello, sir. May I have a look at your ticket, please?"

the old man frowned and felt that the waiter was disrespectful, so he reluctantly took out his ticket.

the waiter took the ticket and was surprised to see the clean space on the back. After crossing out one of the spaces with a pen, the waiter asked, "Old sir, have you never spent money since you got on board?"

when the old man heard this, he was even more angry: "what do you care if I spend or not?"

the waiter patiently replied, "this is a first-class ticket, and you can use all the items on board for free." As long as we show the ticket every time, we can cancel it in the space behind us. "

listening to the waiter's answer, the old couple looked surprised.

when I think about my daily struggle and reluctance, I regret it even more.

and the old couple will disembark tomorrow, the old couple can not help but be relatively silent.

many people in life, like this old couple, always want to save the best for last because of temporary frugality, but it turns out to be a waste.

do not waste the opportunity to enjoy because of temporary speculation, and do not make life boring and heavy because of self-doubt.

enjoy what you should enjoy, have fun, and do not treat yourself badly for the sake of being reluctant to give up for a while, then you will not waste your time and waste your life.


Life is a first-class ticket

the story of this old couple is very emotional.

everyone's life is like this luxury cruise ship, life is this first-class ticket.

how to live and how to spend life is entirely up to you.

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I have heard a saying: "many people must be born in the pursuit of wealth, but in terms of wealth, everyone is born rich, as long as they dare to show their own tickets to get everything you really want and really need."

being timid will only come to a standstill and dare to try something different to add infinite color to this ticket.

Su Shi, a writer, had a rough life.

from rookies to remote officials, his life is full of drama and ups and downs.

during the trough, instead of grieving himself as others thought, he chose to live well in the present and let himself enjoy himself between the mountains and rivers.

many famous sentences are created by him when he is playing around.

when he was demoted to Huangzhou, he wrote: "the Yangtze River knows the beauty of fish around Guo, and the good bamboo even the mountains feel the fragrance of bamboo shoots."

when he was demoted to Huizhou, he sighed: "when he ate 300 lychees a day, he often became a native of Lingnan." when

was demoted to Hainan, he said, "I am born in Xishuzhou."

No matter when, no matter how poor life is, he can always conform to the trend, please himself, and live an interesting life.

and his open-mindedness to life is also hidden in a poem, infecting future generations.

in life, we are always faced with countless choices.

and every choice is an attitude towards life.

do not give up the pursuit of life because of temporary withdrawal, and do not avoid the world because of the ugliness of the moment.

be brave and bold to make every choice and try every life.

in this way, we can live up to our lives and live up to the luxury cruise of life. 03

Don't regard suffering as the most important thing in life

"you can be a superior man only if you live through hardships."

many people regard this sentence as a life motto, always be vigilant and improve themselves.

some people also say: "good medicine is good for the disease, and good advice is good for deeds."

they take pleasure in enduring hardships, and they always feel that they can redouble their efforts and wait for the hardships to come and achieve success.

but reality and ideal are never different.

in many cases, even if a person suffers a lot, he can only get a scar in the end.

We do not deny the importance of suffering, but we never think that there is only one thing in life.

when a person does not regard suffering as self-passage, he can live a relaxed life.

actress Li Bingbing used to be a workaholic, spending more than half of the yearHe spent all of his time on the crew, staying awake for more than 40 hours at most.

she always feels that she can endure more hardships in her youth and enjoy more happiness in her old age.

intensive work every day, often as soon as a period of work is finished, it is immediately thrown into a new job.

in 2015, while filming abroad, Li Bingbing suddenly fell ill, had a high fever of nearly 40 degrees for 21 consecutive days, and collapsed to unable to walk normally.

she had to give up her work and return home for treatment.

it was only after a long rest that the condition improved.

it was only then that she realized that she had endured hardships for so many years, and in the end there was nothing left but pain.

although I am not afraid of hardship, I really can't afford to abuse myself, because my body will really be scrapped.

in life, we always want to work hard while we are young, stay up late and work overtime every day, giving ourselves unlimited pressure; we not only want to buy a house, buy a car, but also want to take good care of our parents and families.

We force ourselves into an invisible road, turning every day without a moment's rest.

but life is not supposed to be like this, and suffering is not the only thing in life.

eat what you deserve and enjoy what you deserve.

Don't let life be nothing but suffering, and don't embarrass yourself too much.

when a person gives up his obsession with enduring hardships, he can enjoy life better.


Don't know how to enjoy when you should

there is a sentence in Mr. Deka's mailbox: "wait for beautiful clothes, and don't go to interesting places until you are ready." Always pin your hopes on the future, as the days go by, there is no change in life. It turned out that I was negligent. There is not so much future, there is only the present. "

I think so.

in this fast-paced era, everyone's life is constantly repeated in the busy.

I am exhausted all day long. I think that if I have survived the present hardship, I will have the sweetness of the future.

but life never has a chance to start over, and don't give up your present life for the sake of the so-called future.

slow down your life and give yourself a chance to catch your breath.

Life will not get better because of temporary busyness, nor will it get worse because of temporary laziness.

Learning to enjoy life when you deserve it is the best reward for moving forward.

once read a story.

A boss started from scratch when he was young, worked hard in the mall for many years, and finally had a successful career.

but he is still busy every day and can't feel the joy of life at all.

one day, the boss felt unwell and went to the hospital for an examination.

but no matter what item is checked, the results appear normal.

he went to the doctor with the report, but the doctor said, "it's all because you're too busy that you feel tired."

turn off your cell phone, cancel meetings and parties, and have a good rest for a few days. "