Nine words like gold, to everyone!

Nine words like gold, to everyone!
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.


first sentence: learn to create happiness

when people are alive,

it is impossible to be happy all the time.

there will always be sorrow and trouble.

learn to make peace with yourself,

try to forget your troubles, and

welcome happiness.


second sentence: learn to appreciate yourself

everyone has shortcomings and shortcomings,

Don't stare at them,

see your strengths,

discover your potential,

learn to appreciate yourself,

try to give full play to your strengths. 03

third sentence: take care of yourself

No one will be your forever,

No one can always be by your side.

you should have the ability to support yourself, and

you should also have the skills to make a living and make money.

only by taking good care of yourself can you reassure people who care about you.


fourth sentence: learn to release yourself

do not always carry pressure,

grievances do not always hold back,

tired, rest,

bitter, pour out.

learn to release and relieve yourself.

lighten your burden and make yourself relaxed. 05

Fifth sentence: learn to be bearish

nothing is necessary, and

there is nothing to lose.

in this world,

has no permanent possession,

gain or lose,

is just an experience.

you have to learn to be bearish.

will not be moody.


sixth sentence: to be kind

to be kind is nature and virtue.

goodness can eliminate disasters and accumulate blessings.

be kind-hearted and indestructible.

can you win a good name.

adhere to good, do not do evil,

can be sheltered by heaven.


Seventh sentence: learn to be tolerant

be open-minded,

learn to be tolerant and don't haggle.

if you are narrow-minded and take everything seriously,

will bring trouble to yourself.

you will be upset and tired.

only by being tolerant and magnanimous can you stay away from worry.


eighth sentence: learn to be strong independently

there are always twists and turns in life,

there are always obstacles and setbacks in life.

you should learn to be strong independently.

carry everything by yourself.

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Don't rely on others.

when you become really strong,

you will no longer be afraid of difficulties and will be able to face everything bravely. 09

Ninth sentence: learn to cherish time

Life is not forever, but life is impermanent and short.

No one knows what will happen tomorrow


learn to cherish the present,

live well in the present,

do what you want to do, see the person you miss,

never leave regrets and debts.

after all, the afterlife will never happen again!