Notes on New year's greetings at my boyfriend's house

Notes on New year's greetings at my boyfriend's house
You have to go through this sooner or later.

Wen /A Fan

Note 1: no matter the man or the woman

20-year-old, I went to my boyfriend's house for the first time.

first restore the scene from entering the door to going out:

his mother was at home when she entered the door, and his mother was very kind. Stewed Hua Jiao sparerib soup, and then prepared fruit and Hawthorn cake, which made me feel so sweet that I dispelled all my worries and doubts before I came in.

then we chatted. I praised his mother's soup stew for its delicious taste, even though I thought it was not as good as mine. I also praised the Hawthorn cake as delicious, but it was really delicious.

until now, I didn't even realize that I came here empty-handed.

then I talked about him. His mother said that he seldom brought his friends home and didn't know much about his life at school. Then I told her some uppercase and positive events. Of course, I wouldn't say anything about failing to restudy.

Note 2: be sure to pay attention to the image in front of the elders

and then in the evening, the problem comes.

never sleep with your boyfriend.

never sleep with your boyfriend.

never sleep with your boyfriend.

in fact, he went to ask his mother if he could sleep in the same room with me. His mother said no. It was a matter of principle.

at that time, I was also happy, and I didn't think there was any problem.

but the problem is that you can't even ask such a question. If he asks like this, it means that on your side, you have acquiesced in it, and then he will ask his parents for advice.

know what the problem is! Is that you have acquiesced! Acquiesced! It means you are already a casual person in the eyes of his parents!

his father came back from out of town the next morning. Immersed in his mother's kind hospitality, I had completely let my guard down. When I saw him, I asked my uncle to come back from out of town to have a good rest. Anyway, I didn't take any precautions.

then it is customary to go out for morning tea.

remember, the table is the battlefield.

and I, though there are numerous small grenades in front of me, the mine that killed me in battle is still here.

Note 3: be prepared to talk and imagine the other person's psychology

when the food is served, his father talked about my surname as if nothing had happened, saying that this surname seems to be from Guangxi. I remember that he told his parents all about me before. I thought it was okay to talk about it. I said, Yes, but this is not my real surname, but it is for the convenience of entering the hukou to follow my aunt's surname. In fact, my surname is Yang. And then. It's over. It was from here that the dialogue went to the road of no return.

then his father began to ask my father and mother about my blablablabla. After a few rounds, I was killed.

although the answer seemed reasonable and there was no problem, I, who was not prepared to play on the spot, just answered it. But there is no time to think: why do they ask this? What do they want to learn from it? What is the answer they want to hear?

I won't describe it in detail if it involves a lot of privacy. I just want to remind girls that when it comes to asking questions, be sure to think about the questions they may ask and how you should answer them in advance, because this is the first time for parents of the other party to get to know you closely, and their curiosity and attention to questions are very high. If you do not answer well because you are nervous, the first impression will be extremely destructive, unless you still have a chance to perform in the future and perform very well, otherwise it will set the tone of your future relationship and what he thinks of you.

of course, you won't get another chance in the future.

actually I have been KO in their mind by now.

however, it is not so absolute in all cases, and usually each other's parents will look at the extent to which they require their son's partner.

if they think his son is superior to you, they will lower their requirements for your performance to a certain extent.

but it will be harsher if they think you are unworthy of his son. So girls with good conditions can breathe a sigh of relief, but then suck it back immediately. If the performance is too bad, it will only make people feel that you are relying on your own conditions, and you will also be KO.

Note 4: behave generously and perform ceremonial politeness

but I have died 10,000 times since I was slow into space, and I even stepped on the mine before I left.

after morning tea, his parents said they would go back first, and we agreed.

Yes, you read it correctly. After a series of questions, I was so stupid that I sat in my seat and watched them go.

then after they left, the aunt at the next table said to me, "it's to see the parents. I've been through your situation. You shouldn't have just been there. You should have got up and sent them off."

A bolt from the blue.

another mine on the flat ground.

my mind is full of lightning and skeletons in qq's expression.

and then it can finally be declared: completely dead.

from entering the door to going out, I thought, well, although there was a small problem, it was not bad. Although I found out later that I had made ten thousand mistakes.

in fact, from the second the door opens, you are being observed anytime, anywhere. Don't immerse yourself in the space between two people, because your every move is being observed.


never treat your boyfriend's home as if it were your own.

never treat your boyfriend's house as if it were your own.

and sending alcohol and tobacco will be offensive because you haven't come out to work yet. But it is absolutely impossible to go empty-handed, the most appropriate is to bring some fruit, that is, ordinary, normal fruit.

Note 5: look at the occasion and decide what to wear

your ex-boyfriend said, "you shouldn't wear a lot of makeup."

"I'm not wearing a lot of makeup."

"isn't it a lot of makeup when your face is so much whiter than your arms?"


before I go, I asked my ex-boyfriend, do you want to wear makeup? He said, put on a little makeup.

in fact, I just put on the foundation and painted my eyebrows and literal lipstick. It's really light makeup. But according to them, light makeup means no makeup.

so don't wear makeup.

actually I am an unqualified girlfriend.

all the people who think carefully about what to pay attention to before entering the house show that they are very responsible people, whether boyfriend or girlfriend.

but I didn't do it well, but if I haven't been to my boyfriend's house for the New year. In fact, it will be really confused, and will be blindly optimistic. So I write down my experience and share it with you. I wish you all the best. If you step on the minefield, don't panic, because you have to walk the rest of the way, crying and kneeling.

also, my ex-boyfriend is really a good person. People must not think that I hacked him when I wrote about him. His parents are also good parents. It is not suitable to part of the breakup, and part of the parents' opinions. So it is really important to meet the parents. If you are not ready, do not rush to see him. If you can't stop him, you must be prepared in advance and do a good job of psychological construction.

@ Zhang Jingshi

today is a contribution, not because I am lazy, but because the author of the article is the girlfriend who has really experienced "going to my boyfriend's house for the New year". I sent it to a lot of friends to see that what they said in this article is very real, and it is very difficult for people who have not experienced it to know about these minefields.

but as a "boyfriend", I'd like to add a little bit. It's not without makeup, you can put on a little lipstick and eyebrows, which will make the whole person look refreshed.

also, never speak ill of your boyfriend with the man's family. It's ten percent dead.

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the last thing is, don't think that "sharp tongue" is a good thing. What if you swallow all the words of your relatives? This will only make everyone unhappy, so you might as well laugh at yourself properly. Anyway, none of the relatives I met deliberately asked embarrassing questions in order to make fun of you, as claimed on the Internet.

remember to laugh, be polite, and offer to help even if you are constantly rejected.

it's one thing to do it, another thing to ask whether you do it or not.

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