One quiet, two flat, three patient, four concessions, five light

One quiet, two flat, three patient, four concessions, five light
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the ancients had their own unique rules and regulations in their conduct, conduct, and self-cultivation.

one quiet, two flat, three patient, four concessions, five light.

explain the great wisdom of the Chinese people!



the Book of morality says: "serenity is the justice of the world."

Life is like water, only by being quiet can it settle down.

everything is quiet, and people have to work hard on it.

all wisdom and virtue flow out of a pure heart.

an irritable heart is like dirty water.

it is so chaotic that nothing can be seen clearly.

the world is changeable, no matter whether it is joys and sorrows, or bitterness and sweetness, we have to experience it with our own heart.

people with a good state of mind are as calm as water, with big things on their mind, and they can lift heavy weights as if they are light;

people with a bad state of mind are apt to be irritable, and small things with big sesame seeds will also be restless.

this coincides with the original intention of Daojing:

A good state of mind comes from a quiet mind.

keep your mind quiet, so that good things can come uninvited.



flat, is insipid, is balanced, is an ordinary heart.

there is a metaphor in Zhuangzi:

A white swan does not need to be bathed every day, and its feathers are always white;

the feather of a black crow is always black, not because it rolls in black dye all day.

the white of the swan and the black of the crow are both natural, not the result of demanding.

to keep an ordinary mind, it is necessary to do

not to compare with others and not to be demanding in the face of yourself.

on the one hand, it is harmful to the body, on the other hand, it is not conducive to solving the problem.

the success and failure, gain and loss of life are always alternating, but roughly balanced.

if you feel uneasy, everything in the world will follow the chaos, bustling one after another, endless.

if you have peace of mind, do not persevere and do not worry, a sense of well-being will follow.

Wang Xiaobo once said:

"when you are alive, you will encounter some good things and some bad things." Good things can be borne, and so can bad things. It's not bad to be an ordinary person like this. "

be normal, do ordinary things, and make friends with ordinary people.

enjoy ordinary life, mediocrity is true.


be patient

in life, you will always encounter unpleasant things.

most of the time, we choose to be patient.

when you endure too much, you will return to peace of mind when you get used to it.

patience is the magnanimity of adults, and patience is the foundation of a gentleman.

as the saying goes, "A general can run a horse on his forehead and a boat in the belly of the prime minister."

if one wants to get things done, he must be generous.

in the Book of morality, it is said: "know Changrong, Rong Nai Gong, Gong Niquan."

means that only if you can be tolerant of everything can you be calm with your archduke;

only if you are calm and calm can you act thoroughly.

in accordance with the law of "Tao", we can stay away from danger for a long time.



Zhang Ying and Zhang Tingyu, father and son, have successively made scholars in high school.

Zhang Ruomu, the third generation of the Zhang family, is also exploring flowers in high school.

Zhang Tingyu asked for a decree for his son and offered his seat to explore the flowers on his own initiative.

the emperor said, "it is fair for me to choose talent, not for favoritism because you are father and son."

Zhang Tingyu said: "every three years, everyone is looking forward to winning the list."

my minister is already in a high position, and now my son is in the first place again.

squeeze out the advanced position of the poor scholars in the world, and feel really uneasy. "

the emperor was so moved that he demoted his son to the first place in the top three.

as a result, the Zhang family was rewarded by the emperors of Kang, Yong and Qian.

it can be said that "the whole family wears it, and the door is full of red and purple".

as the saying goes, "if you give way, you will be wide."

be lenient in dealing with others.

because giving way is tantamount to making further preparations for the future.

when walking on a narrow road, make room for others to walk.

if we compete with each other, everyone is in danger of falling into the abyss.

A person's fame and status are not irreplaceable.

only humility is impossible for others to imitate.

it is the way to deal with the world for a long time that it is better to suffer small losses than to cause big grievances.


Master Hongyi lived in seclusion in his later years, regardless of the secular world.

when eating, there is only a plate of pickles on the table.

someone asked him, "Don't you think it's too salty to eat only pickles?"

Master Hongyi replied: "salty has a salty taste."

after dinner, the master held a glass of boiled water in his hand.

someone asked, "Don't you feel light when you only drink boiled water?"

Master Hongyi smiled and said, "there is a light taste."

Chicken, duck, fish, delicacies, even if you eat too much, you will feel bored.

crude food, on the contrary, is the most beneficial to the body and the most delicious.

people tend to ignore insipid, but chase exciting things.

But do not know: prosperity is difficult for a long time, insipid is true.

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everything is more bearish, for fame and wealth, for money, for feelings.

the more you look at it, the calmer your heart will be and find the most down-to-earth happiness.