People to 50: reduce dependence, lower expectations, maintain love

People to 50: reduce dependence, lower expectations, maintain love
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

there is a saying in Caigen Tan: "the sun is still hazy at dusk, and the year will be late and more orange and orange fragrant."

and said: "at the end of life, a gentleman should be more energetic."

50 is the best time.

what's more, we should cheer up our spirits, enjoy life and create beauty.


reduce dependence

it is often said that the most difficult stage in one's life is middle age.

when I wake up, I suddenly find that there are old people on top and small ones on the bottom.

you are surrounded by people waiting to rely on you, but there is no one you can rely on.

all the old days were quiet, but someone shielded you from the wind and rain.

it's good to have someone to rely on, but once you lose that dependence, your life will be out of balance.

relying on others for everything is a disaster.

there have been people who have encountered difficulties and want to go to the temple to worship Quan Yin.

when I walked into the temple, I found that there was also a person worshiping in front of the statue of Quan Yin.

that man looks exactly the same as Guanyin.

the man asked, "are you Guanyin?"

the man replied, "I am Guanyin."

the man asked, "then why do you worship yourself?"

Guanyin said with a smile, "I have encountered difficulties, too, but I know that it is better to ask for help than to ask for yourself."

Life, after all, you have to break through on your own.

there are some things you can only carry by yourself, and some hardships can only be tasted by yourself.

We want to rely on, but we must be strong.


lowering expectations

there is a saying in Daojing: "No misfortune is greater than discontentment, and no guilt is greater than desire."

80% of the pain in life is because expectations are too high to be satisfied.

once upon a time there was an old lady who had two sons.

the eldest son sells pu fans in the east of the city and the second son sells umbrellas in the west of the city.

the old lady is worried about the business of her two sons all day long.

catch up with the rainy day, she is worried that everyone's pu fans will not be sold;

if it is sunny, she is afraid that the second family's umbrellas will not be sold out.

A wise man heard about the old lady's troubles and went to enlighten her: "how lucky you are, old lady!"

on a sunny day, your eldest son's family is doing brisk business;

on a rainy day, your youngest son's house is full of customers.

No matter what the face of God is, there is good news in your family! "

the old lady thought about it, and sure enough!

from then on, I was happy and lived a comfortable life every day.

as the old saying goes, "No melon is round, no man is perfect."

No matter how good the world is, there are always places where the sun can't shine.

if things go wrong, then think more about one or two, not eight or nine.

think more about what you have gained and less about how much you have lost.

if you want to be happy, lower your expectations and relax and embrace life.


keep loving

there is a saying in Caigen Tan: "Fat, sweet and sweet, but the true taste is only light;

the magic is extraordinary, but people are only common."

good wine, fat meat, spicy, sweet, not necessarily very delicious;  poor food, but the most nourishing.

when you reach fifty, you will become truly mature.

begin to recognize the truth of life and begin to accept your own mediocrity.

as we grow older, we realize that health is better than wealth, and family is better than everything in the world.

I don't have much to do in my life, but to keep my love of life and get my heart back.

when I was a child, mountain is mountain, water is water;

when I grow up, mountain is not mountain, water is not water;

later, mountain or mountain, water or water.

people don't find out until fifty that even if life is a chicken feather, it is necessary to maintain a love.

Roman Roland said:

people who love life will not be knocked down easily, let alone grow old easily.

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because of love, so live up to time.