Ten years later, promising children come from these nine families

Ten years later, promising children come from these nine families
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as the first semester after the "double reduction", I believe we are all aware of the new changes in education.

No supplementary lessons, no homework, and the "52nd" mode is fully implemented in primary and secondary schools.

the purpose of "double reduction" is to bring children's learning back to school.

but parents need to be clear that this does not mean that parents can give up. "double reduction" is by no means "stocking", and education cannot rely solely on schools and teachers.

on September 5, the Ministry of Education issued an article entitled "double reduction". Responsible parents do so! "it is mentioned in it: double reduction, no reduction of responsibility! Double reduction, no reduction in quality! Double reduction, no reduction in growth!

the growth of children is inseparable from the guidance of their parents and the influence of their families. Reducing the academic burden does not mean reducing the responsibility of parents. On the contrary, it tests the responsibility of parents.

excellent parents do not lie in their educational background or education, but in their sense of responsibility. Companionship is the responsibility, parenting is the responsibility, and leading by example is the responsibility.

to fulfill the responsibility of a parent is to be responsible for the child's life.

the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League also issued a special article in response: "A parent who is really responsible for his children must really participate in the cause of educating their children in an all-round way."

parents are lifelong teachers of their children. under the "double reduction", parents should be the first responsible person of their children.

whether a child is good or not in the future is often inseparable from the influence of his family.

it is said that ten years later, most promising children will come from the following nine families.


cooperate with the teacher's family

there is such an analogy: "Teachers and parents are like two oars. Only when both sides work together in the same direction, can children sail in the direction we expect, successfully reach the other side of success, and have a better life."

on the way of education, teachers are preachers, and parents are role models for their children's life.

behind an excellent child, teachers and parents are working hard to lift.

under the "double reduction", parents should cooperate with and support teachers, show more understanding and tolerance, less care and blame, and trust each other.

the tacit cooperation between parents and teachers is the starting point of good education.

We believe that the better the cooperation between parents and teachers, the more successful their children's education will be.


families with a wide range of interests

someone once asked Liang Qichao, "what is the foundation of your outlook on life?"

Liang Qichao replied: "based on interest, mortals must often live in interest before life is valuable."

he not only pays attention to the interest of life, but also cultivates children's interests and hobbies and guides them to realize themselves.

Liang Qichao's children have done very well in different fields, with three academicians out of nine children.

interest is the starting point for people to have diversified thinking and broaden their horizons. Cultivating a child's legitimate interests and hobbies is crucial to a child's success.

parents should pay attention to cultivate and respect their children's meaningful interests and hobbies from an early age, take good care of them, and gradually guide their children to form healthy and positive interests.

most of the promising children in the future are hobbies and versatile.


A family that loves reading

the Reading Handbook quotes a poem: "you may have unlimited wealth, boxes of jewelry and cabinets of gold, but you will never be richer than me. I have a mother who reads to me."

A parent who loves reading is the most important person for his child.

the books read by parents not only nourish themselves, but also affect their children. under the influence of this strong reading atmosphere, children will integrate their reading habits into their bones and blood.

Dong Qing said: "Reading makes people learn to think, so that people can calm down and enjoy a joy in the depths of the soul."

A child who loves reading will not be so bad in the future.

in the process of children's growth, parents should use their own practical actions to influence their children, read with their children, share the joy of reading together, and make their children fall in love with reading.


families who like sports

Plato once said: keep a balance between physical education and knowledge education.

knowledge education can make children fly higher, but physical education can bring children healthy physique.

A healthy body is the foundation of everything. Without health, everything is zero.

and more and more scientific research results show that spending a certain amount of time to take part in sports and keep exercising can make children more focused in class.

exercise is the best booster for children to grow up, and exercise makes children better.

No matter how busy you are at work every day, asking parents to take some time to guide their children to do physical exercise and teach them to fall in love with sports is the trump card to help their children achieve the best progress in life.

guiding children to "get moving" is the most basic duty of parents.


families who accompany by heart

there is a good saying: good children are managed, and excellent children are accompanied.

companionship is not only the best gift for children to grow up, but also the education that children need most.

in the company of parents, children can grow up like a sapling without fear of wind and rain. Not only will their studies become better and better, but the whole child will also become more and more confident.

Education cannot be repeated. Children only grow up once. No matter how busy they are at work, they should accompany them.

especially under the "double minus", there areIt is better to spend less time and attention than to really accompany the child.

listen carefully, communicate attentively, and help attentively.

remember that the best lesson for a healthy personality is for children to spend childhood with their parents.


the rule-abiding family

philosopher Hegel said: "order is the first condition of freedom."

there are no rules. Rules are not only a constraint, but also a kind of protection.

parents do not have rules to give, children will only go their own way, do not obey the rules, which is a very terrible thing for children.

A child who doesn't obey the rules can't move an inch; on the contrary, if he obeys the rules, the rules will become his armor and protect him for the rest of his life.

it is the duty of parents to teach children to abide by the rules and let them know what to do and what not to do.

in daily life, parents should ask their children to behave, and they should set a good example and example for their children.

teaching children to abide by the rules is the highest form of loving children.


families where parents love each other

educator Dewey once said: "the highest purpose of all education is to form character. In everyone's life, there is no teacher more important than parents. The best tutor is marital love."

Children may not need good material conditions, but they must want a warm home.

A family where parents love each other is the best place for children to get love and warmth.

Children who grow up in a loving environment can delay gratification, be emotionally stable, fill their hearts with sense of security and happiness, and make every step of life positive.

Please don't forget to nourish your lover as well as your children with love in your busy life.

remember that you are the future home of your child.


families who love to do housework

as the saying goes, a habitual son is like killing a son.

parents do everything for their children and do not allow their children to do housework, which actually cuts off their children's wings towards independence and makes their children's future stumble.

Children who do housework from an early age will be better when they grow up.

because a child who loves to do housework will constantly think and implement in the process of work, gain better concentration, thinking ability and hands-on ability, and learn to share and take responsibility.

parents should make their children realize that they are a member of the family and their responsibilities.

know how to let go properly, do not arrange to replace, let the child try to do what he can, do not be afraid of the child can not do well, do not be impatient, to consciously cultivate the child's self-care ability.

there are no born lazy children, only lazy parents who are unwilling to use their children.


families with self-improvement

the best teacher for their children will always be their own parents.

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as the saying goes, those who are close to red are red, and those who are close to ink are black, and parents are the primary imitators for their children.

parents' words and deeds, the way they behave in the world, and so on, will deeply affect their children.