The attitude towards your parents is your most authentic character!

The attitude towards your parents is your most authentic character!
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what a person's character is,

is difficult to detect in front of outsiders.

because of some convergence, it is not clear to see clearly.

because of caution, it is not easy to find out.

parents are the people closest to us.

in front of them,

We don't have to pretend, no taboos.

be picky at will, not afraid of their blame,

dare to speak out, not afraid of them to blame.

so in our attitude towards our parents,

often hides our most authentic character.

parents are our roots.

parents love us by nature.

We love our parents, which is human nature.

parents give us life.

is our root and kindness.

under the protection of our parents,

We grow up healthily and smoothly.

takes up all their time, and

consumes their life's hard work.

parents play with us,

is to watch again and again.

send us to school, send us to work,

send us away from home, send us to start a family.

We are kites, they are lines.

wherever we fly,

is in their palms and concerns.

when our parents are around, we have a home to return to.

when our parents go, we become people from our hometown.

fulfill filial piety in time, often accompany

the saddest thing in the world is:

the son wants to raise but the relative is not there.

parents and we only have this fate.

once we leave, it will be forever.

will never happen again in the next life.

the next life will never meet again.

Life is short, filial piety should be fulfilled in time,

things are impermanent, companionship should be as early as possible.

one day our parents will leave us.

Don't believe the so-called days to come,

otherwise you will leave a lifetime of regret.

cherish every inch of your parents' time.

be filial in time and often accompany you.  this will be your best souvenir in the future.

those who are kind to their parents have good conduct

parents are connected with us by blood,

parents give us life, and

parents are our greatest benefactors.

being kind to your parents,

is not only filial piety, but also gratitude.

but there are many people who never know how to be grateful.

always blames their misfortunes and failures on their parents.

thinks that they are not perfect.

complains that they are incompetent.

Here is the right place for your perfect collection!

hold a grudge against them, mean and indifferent, and

such a character is not good enough to be handed over.

only those who are kind to their parents can be regarded as well-behaved.

they are kind to their parents, gentle and patient.

they are tolerant of their parents without resentment.

such people are blessed and happy all their lives.

when dealing with others,

if you want to understand a person's character, you should look at his performance in front of his parents,

and his attitude towards his parents.

because a person's most authentic character,

is hidden in his attitude towards his parents.

people who are tolerant and generous, tolerate their parents,

people who are kind-hearted, love their parents,

people of good character, be kind to their parents,

people who know how to be grateful, show filial piety to their parents.

only by being friends with such a person can you truly avoid harm.

only by choosing such a person as your companion can you be cherished and loved!