The highest level of showing off wealth for the rest of life: nothing in the body, nothing in the mind, no resentment in the eyes.

The highest level of showing off wealth for the rest of life: nothing in the body, nothing in the mind, no resentment in the eyes.
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when one reaches middle age, one's life is half-steep.

in the first half of my life, I always thought that material abundance is the greatest wealth in life. The more I have, the happier I am.

after the vicissitudes of life and the ups and downs of life, I realize that prosperity is good, but it is fleeting.

in the passage of time, I have come to understand that the best way to show off wealth for the rest of my life is to have no illness in the body, nothing in the mind, and no resentment in the eyes.


the absence of illness is the first condition for happiness

Zhou Guoping once said:

when I was young, I always felt far away from death.

after suffering from illness, I realized that

people have no health all their life, and everything is empty talk.

some time ago, some netizens ran into Sammo Hung in the scenic spot.

in the photo, Sammo Hung is sitting in a wheelchair and must be helped up the steps.

in fact, Sammo Hung was exposed to suffer from various diseases because of his work in the early years.

coupled with old age, diabetes, obesity and so on, he has suffered from illness in recent years.

the current situation of Sammo Hung reminds me of Andy Lau.

the former Liu Dehua, like Sammo Hung, was a "desperate Saburo" for his work.

until one time he accidentally fell off his horse during filming, causing a pelvic tear and recuperating for a whole year.

that fall made him understand that without health, all his hard work will come to nothing in the end.

so he put off most of his work and began to exercise actively, go to bed early and get up early, and pay attention to his health.

the effect of long-term self-discipline is also very significant.

A few days ago, Andy Lau held a live broadcast on the 40th anniversary of his debut, chatting and interacting with fans.

in the lens, Andy Lau is well-proportioned and full-looking. You can hardly imagine that this is the mental outlook of a 60-year-old man.

nowadays, Sammo Hung seldom sets foot in film and television because of his health, while Andy Lau still makes two or three films a year.

when people reach a certain age and take good care of their health, they will have the energy to do what they love.

remember the saying circulated on the Internet before:

Health is like the number 1. Wealth, career, and family are all zeros. Only by stabilizing 1 can there be countless zeros behind, otherwise, there will be nothing.

nothing is more important than health in the second half of life.

eat on time, have a regular schedule, and keep exercising.

when you take good care of your body, you will find that life has surprises every day and miracles everywhere.


if you have nothing on your mind, your mental ability will be richer

as the saying goes, "those who have the heart are tired, but those who don't care don't care."

think too much, and in the end, it is only yourself who is embarrassed.

Lin Qingxuan told such a story in his book "leisurely strength".

there was a middle-aged man who worked hard when he was young. Finally, in middle age, he had a foundation for his family and career.

but at this time, he felt empty and helpless, and the situation became so serious that he had to see a doctor later.

after listening to his statement, the doctor gave him four patches of medicine and told him:

Varied with the smallest details,our formal dresses for a 14 year old are your indispensable items. This section will help you never to waste your time searching.

the middle-aged man was skeptical, but the next day he came to the seaside as instructed by the doctor, and as soon as he approached the seaside, especially in the early morning, he was in a clear mood when he saw the vast sea.

at nine o'clock in the morning, he opened the first medicine. However, there is no medicine in it, only two words are written: "listen."

he closed his eyes, listened to the sea breeze slowly, listened to the sound of the waves, unconsciously relaxed and happy, as if all the noise in the world had nothing to do with him.

at noon, he opened the second medicine. The word "memory" is written in it.

he thought of his carefree childhood, the ambition of his youth, the kindness of his parents, the care of his relatives and friends. Only to find that he has been surrounded by love. At three o'clock in the afternoon, he opened the third medicine. It says, "Review your motives."

recall that in the early days of his startup, he simply wanted to realize his dream, but as his career grew bigger and bigger, he had more and more ideas.

at dusk, he opened the last piece of medicine, which read: "write your troubles on the beach."

he went to the nearest beach to the sea and wrote all his troubles on the beach.

before long, a wave came, and all the troubles disappeared with the scouring of the waves.

on the way home, the middle-aged man regained his original vitality with a bright smile.

he finally understood the reason why he was unhappy: he thought too much, wanted too much, and ended up torturing himself.

Japanese writer Matsuura Mitaro said: "the so-called predicament in life is nothing but the shackles you have imagined and set by yourself."

if you have too many things in your heart, it's hard to be happy, not to mention spiritual prosperity.

when there is nothing in mind, the spirit will be enriched, the life will be simple, and the life will be comfortable.

in the second half of life, subtract from your heart. Put what should be put, forget what should be forgotten, and empty the heart, so that there is a spare place for happiness.


can you see the truth of life clearly

there is a saying in "the Honor and disgrace of Xunzi": "those who know themselves do not blame others, and those who know their fate do not blame heaven."

people who like to complain, wherever they can see, are the dark side of life, and the road of life will only get narrower and narrower.

when you stop complaining, use the mentality of the strong.In the face of life, what you see is a different landscape.

writer Lu Yao was born in a peasant family in northern Shaanxi with eight brothers and sisters.

the poor family was unable to support so many children, so when Lu Yao was 8 years old, he was passed on to his uncle.

that day, my father told Lu Yao that he was going to the county town to go to the market, and that he would take him home the next day.

the young Lu Yao knew very well that his father would never come back, but he did not complain.

Uncle's family is also poor, hungry and poor, which has become the deepest memory of Lu Yao's childhood.

in order to eat a mouthful of white flour steamed bun, he barked like a dog and was ridiculed by his companions.

after school, in order to fill his stomach, he looked everywhere in the field for wild vegetable root.

in the face of hardship and depression in life, Lu Yao did not complain about his parents or fate, but faced the suffering optimistically.

as Lu Yao said:

it is this state of mind that does not complain, and no matter how many trials and tribulations do not crush his will.

when he grew up, Lu Yao turned all his childhood experiences into inspiration into his book.

A few years later, Life was widely praised as soon as it was published, so Lu Yao became famous and his writing career ushered in.

Destiny closed a door for him, but he painted a window for himself with pen and ink.

in the Constitution of the Analects of Confucius, it is said: "do not complain about heaven, not especially people, go up after school, and it is heaven to know me!"

the truth of life is that no one's fate is plain sailing without being baptized by wind and rain.

instead of complaining, it is better to try to be the best of yourself and accept the difficulties of fate calmly.

take an umbrella in the rain, fall and get up, and be a strong self-reliant tumbler.


Life is a long journey. Different ages can see different scenery.

when I was young, I always thought that money could buy everything.

when you reach a certain age, you don't know how to be really rich. It is a heart that feels happy and savors life.

maybe there are no luxury houses and cars, no flashy luxuries.

but as long as there is no illness in the body, nothing in the mind, no resentment in the eyes, you can taste the joy from the ordinary days.