The people you meet are all here to ferry you!

The people you meet are all here to ferry you!
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

there are no unexplained encounters in this world.

as Sakyamuni said:

"whoever you meet is the right person in your life, with a reason and a mission. It is no accident that this person will teach you something."

A vast sea of people, meeting is fate.

if there is no karma, why do we meet? If there is no debt, how can we meet?


those who love you, please be grateful

Dong Qing has this passage in the Reader:

"everything in the world is met, just like cold meeting warm, with rain; spring meets winter, there are years; heaven meets the earth, there is eternity, people meet people, there is life."

people are born lonely. Everyone is walking around the world, looking for a heart while walking.

in this life, it is not easy to meet the one you love. It is a blessing to meet the one who loves you.

No one is nice to you for no reason. Those who are nice to you are all here to "ferry" you.

when you are at a low ebb, they will lend a helping hand; when you are in trouble, they will be by their side.

those who have helped you will teach you how to return; those who give for you will teach you to cherish it;

those who love you will make you taste the sweetness of happiness in this bitter life.

Buddha said: "only by looking back 500 times in the past life can we get a shoulder brush in this life."

people who meet by fate have to go through many storms before they can come to each other.

the person who loves you may be a bosom friend who is hard to find in life, a partner who works together for the rest of his life, a parent who loves you, or a child who loves you deeply.

No matter what the relationship is, they are all important people in your life.

it is they who make the world, which is not necessarily warm, always radiate warm light.


those who hurt you, please thank

for the part you met, called fate; the other part, called disaster.

people live in the world, they meet all kinds of people, and the people around them are true or false.

if someone helps you, someone will deceive you and deceive you; if someone is good to you, someone must be bad to you.

hurt, can destroy a person, also can make a person;

rough, can trip a person, can also help a person.

trees are the hardest places to scar, isn't it true of people?

hands with cocoons are no longer vulnerable to injury.

as the ancients said, "if it's not cold to the bone, how can you get the fragrance of plum blossoms?"

adversity makes a man best. The people who hurt you are all here to "cross" you.

some people give you armor as well as scars.

those who make you cry teach you to be strong; those who feel sorry for you teach you to grow; those who deceive you teach you to see the world clearly.

the things that have made you cry will one day make you laugh.

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Thanksgiving to meet

some people say: "what teaches us is not time, but experience."

A person's life, no matter who you meet, is the one you are destined to meet.

meeting is fate, don't resent those who hurt you;

it's a blessing to be loved, and remember to be grateful to those who are kind to you.

May you be kind and reap blessings;

may you break even and live your life.