The revelation of fishing (classic good article)

The revelation of fishing (classic good article)
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there is a place famous for its many fish ponds. Although the competition is fierce, the business of three fish ponds is very prosperous.

the first fish pond is "fishing for chickens".

customers can fish for a day for 100 yuan, but they can't catch a chicken from the boss.

as a result, all the people who didn't catch a fish went back with a chicken, so everyone praised it as an honest fish pond!

the second fish pond is "every fishing".

customers don't pay for fishing, and the fish they catch are bought at a price of 15 yuan per jin.

after the customers went, they all returned with a full load, and they all became "masters of fishing."

the third fish pond is "fishing photo".

customers wear coir raincoats, wear hats, take small boats, dress up as fishermen, cast nets in the fish ponds, and finally catch fish for only 10 yuan per jin.

there are also special people in the fish pond to take pictures of them and post their moments, so everyone comes to experience it.

while customers are happy, they are also secretly worried about the business of these three fish ponds: the cost of fish ponds is not low, and they all come back with a full load, so how can the boss make money?

in fact, the fish pond owner will not lose money at all.

the first fish pond has no fish at all. The fish pond owner is a chicken farmer. He seems to be opening a fish pond, but he is actually trying to solve the chicken market.

the owner of the second fish pond bought fish at a low price and put it into the pond. He also sent someone to dive underwater to hang the fish on the customer's hook, and then sell it at a high price.

the owner of the third fish pond is a local real estate developer. He turned the fish pond into a "clocking in place for online celebrities", driving the prosperity of the whole area.

isn't it amazing?

Fish ponds or fish ponds, change the management ideas, the effect is completely different.

A person's way of thinking determines the way he looks at problems, and ultimately affects the trajectory of his life.

as Lu you said:

"it looks like there is no road, but there is another village around the corner."

thinking changes, the fish comes by itself.


go fishing for a long time

someone in Zhihu asked, "what are the performances of people with strong hearts?"

A highly praised answer is

"with long-term thinking, long-term vision and great patience, you can catch big fish in the long run."

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difficulties and setbacks are inevitable in life.

few people can succeed in one fell swoop. Those awesome people just look into the distance when most people give up.

they use every small step of persistence to pave the way for their future.

Korean go master Lee Chang-Ho is called a "chess player like a mountain".

anyone who has seen him play chess knows that all in all, none of Lee Chang-Ho 's pieces seems to be a "trick".

but whenever the opponent thinks he can win or lose in one move, he finds that he has long been overwhelmed by Lee Chang-Ho and is out of breath.

Lee Chang-Ho said: "I only want to win 51% of each hand, and I never want to defeat my opponent in one fell swoop."

his chess seems slow and clumsy, but in fact it is steady and steady. when it comes down to 200 to 300 hands, the advantage gradually becomes apparent, and in the end, it is a safe bet.

as the saying goes, "if you are a pawn, do not donate your work."

many of the things we face, like chess and fishing, need to be lengthened step by step.

do a good job in front of you, without worries.

Laozi said, "those who are useless are of great use."

sometimes we think that the nearest shortcut is actually the farthest detour.

and those paths that seem tortuous and useless at the moment are the only way to the goal.

"if you are afraid of what is high in the mountains and a long way, there is an inch of joy in every inch."