The sense of ceremony that should be given to children in the New year is hidden in these 10 little things.

The sense of ceremony that should be given to children in the New year is hidden in these 10 little things.
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two days ago, my son suddenly said to me, "Mom, can we skip the Spring Festival?"

I was surprised and asked him, "isn't it good for the Spring Festival?" You can wear new clothes and eat delicious food. It would be nice to have a lively family. "

my son shook his head: "I often wear new clothes and eat the same old things. It's really boring to celebrate the Spring Festival."

his answer reminds me of a passage from "the New year on the Tip of the tongue":

"the flavor of the New year is getting weaker and weaker, only because with the improvement of living standards, the New year's Eve dinner has lost its appeal."

Mother complains every Chinese New year: what to eat? What would you like to eat? The children all say do whatever you want. It has to remain the same year after year. "

if we say that it is the richness of matter that confuses us;

then there is no sense of ceremony, which is the most fundamental reason why we no longer look forward to the Spring Festival.

at this time, instead of thinking hard about what to eat and wear, we want our children to leave good memories of the New year.

it's better to create a small ceremony to give special meaning to the day.


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take the children to buy New year's goods

writer Pan Chunhua wrote in the past of 36 years ago:

"buying New year's goods at that time can be called a lively one."

the children often take the lead in waiting in line to buy New year's goods, because it is the winter vacation and the children are not afraid of the cold and can rush forward to make up the gap.

when the line is soon in place, adults will carefully cut into stamp-sized New year coupons, carry them in their arms with banknotes, and replace them with their children before buying them. "

Today, there is no longer a long queue to buy New year's goods, just a click on your mobile phone is enough.

but such a quick and simple way has gradually turned the purchase of New year's goods into a hasty and perfunctory task.

this year, we might as well take our children to the supermarket and market while shopping online to warm up for the coming of the Spring Festival.

New year flavor, it is not necessary to have rich New year goods.

the process of purchasing and buying New year's goods with children can often make children feel the coming of the New year more truly.

A lot of times, as long as you change a little, the boring life will become vivid.


prepare gifts for every family member

it is a very happy thing that someone in a family is willing to prepare a gift for their children.

I remember that when I was a child, my aunt and uncle would buy a toy corresponding to the zodiac for my cousin every year before the Chinese New year: in the year of the Rat, it was a simple Mickey Mouse; in the year of the Ox, it was a big cow with a pink nose.

this is the case year after year, which is the envy of all our children.

after many years, my cousin grows up, and she often prepares surprises for her family and friends to spend every important or ordinary day seriously.

A carefully prepared gift can make children feel their parents' love and give them the ability to love.

during the Spring Festival this year, we can also create a surprise for our children and ask them to prepare gifts for every family member.

this gift is not necessarily valuable. It can be a flower or a greeting card.

but the intention behind the gift is enough to make the child understand that

in any case, we always love and cherish each other.


the whole family clean up

24 of the twelfth lunar month every year, which is a traditional Chinese dust-sweeping day.

many families do a thorough cleaning on this day.

but today, the purpose of our thorough cleaning is not only to clean utensils, bedding, and dust, but also to teach children to organize and accept them, so that they can have a sense of "separation" from an early age.

only in this way can they understand that

most of the time, real happiness lies not in how much material things you have, but in how much happiness you have.


invite children to cook New year's Eve dinner

when I was a child, what I looked forward to most was New year's Eve dinner.

adults have been busy since early in the morning, making dumplings, fried balls and stewed ribs.

the children gather around the kitchen in the name of "help"-drinking a bowl of dumpling soup and eating a freshly fried meatball and a chop wrapped in soup.

I was half full before the New year's Eve dinner was put on the table.

but today's New year's Eve dinner, but can not find the flavor of that year:

now, adults and children are sitting in the hotel, in front of exquisite dishes, but a few chopsticks, no one wants to move any more.

later discovered that what is really worth looking forward to is never the food itself, but the busy process of the family together.

this year, let's invite the children to prepare the New year's Eve dinner.

take out the cutlery we have treasured for a long time, ask the children how to put the food on the plate, and look for traces of home temperature and love in the fireworks.


write couplets in person

Spring Festival rituals often do not need to be too formal and complicated, but can also be simple, for example, write Spring Festival couplets in person:

"the mouse goes to the ox to resign from the old year, and the dragon and Phoenix dance celebrates the New year."

"years old Zheng Laofeng Zi Niu, Jiangshan Beautiful and Beautiful year."


Spring Festival couplets should not be just a form, but also hide our expectations for the new year.

even if life is still fullThe challenge, but because of this common expectation, the whole family will have the direction of efforts, every family member will be full of fighting spirit and happiness.

after writing the Spring Festival couplets, we can give them to the children to post.

when the Spring Festival couplets written by parents were firmly affixed to the wall by their children, the originally faded flavor of the New year quietly appeared again.


make lanterns with children

in order to protect the environment, more and more cities prohibit setting off fireworks and firecrackers.

maybe for this generation of children, their memories of the New year are a little less like fireworks, but we can still add some color to our children's childhood in a different way:

in our family, every year before the Spring Festival, the father will make an orange lantern for the child.

the practice is actually very simple:

first open a lid on the top of the orange, then peel off the orange meat inside, and then put a candle in the middle.

on New Year's Eve's day, the child will light the orange lamp and make a New year's resolution.

the child will grow up one day and leave his parents, but I believe that the memory of orange lanterns in childhood leaves him with a love of life and a positive and interesting attitude towards life.

most of the time, small thoughts that seem not worth mentioning happen to be an antidote to ordinary life.


take a family photo

remember that in the BBC documentary "Chinese New year", there was such a clip:

A mother who settled in Britain would take her family back to Beijing for the Spring Festival every year.

before leaving, she will ask the children to draw a picture of the whole family and leave it to their parents.

looking at the children's childish brush strokes, her parents can't help but burst into tears.

this sense of ritual between families often has a strong sense of cohesion.

even if they are thousands of miles apart, even as the years go by, members can still feel the love emanating from their families and gain a sense of belonging.

in fact, we can also take a family photo at a fixed time and place every Spring Festival.

A photo album made up of family photos may not be expensive, but it is a child's most precious memory.

the sense of belonging and connection symbolized by

let children know that no matter what circumstances they have, home will be their retreat and backing, and the love and intimacy between families will never disappear.


write a letter to your child

A study conducted by the Atlanta Daily found that the happiness of "collecting stories and memories" at home is far better than material satisfaction or even academic success.

especially the family tradition, the memories and happiness it leaves to all family members are endless and will not be changed by the changes in life.

letter writing is a good way to "collect stories and memories".

this way not only allows us to tell our children about our understanding of life without reservation, but also brings us closer to our children and enhances our relationship.


the whole family plans a trip

for children, travel is the beginning of curiosity and the driving force to broaden the limited world.

during the New year holiday, instead of three people holding their cell phones at home, it is better to plan a trip, the destination may not be very far, it may just be a scenic spot or park near home.

but the experience of taking a child to see the world is enough to be the best gift for a child in the New year.

wearing new clothes and expecting to discuss the destination with their parents, this will be one of the best moments in children's childhood memories.


accompany our children to watch a movie

usually, we are so busy with our work that we inevitably neglect our children.

at this special time of the New year, we might as well take our child to see a movie he likes.

in the process of enjoying the feast of light and shadow, we gradually go into the heart of the child, get to know the child and get close to the child.

after watching, you can also discuss the plot and characters with your children.

only in this way can we leave a clear and beautiful figure in children's memories of childhood, rather than a shadow that "children don't even know what they like".


New year is a special time for every Chinese.

in fact, we have been living in a country that values rituals, and that is why we have set up all kinds of festivals.

and the Spring Festival is the biggest one.

on this day, we post couplets, clean up dirt, and wish you a happy New year.

is not only an external form, but also has a rich connotation, that is to bid farewell to the past and welcome a new round of sowing and harvest.

Today, we have an obligation to pass on the meaning of the festival to our children through a sense of ritual.

as the writer Mai Jing said:

the ritual of the New year is to make children feel

even though time goes by, parents still love you as before;

No matter where you are, home is your way home.

in this way, no matter how many difficulties they encounter, children can go through life with gratitude and without fear of hardship!