The ten most transparent sentences in the world

The ten most transparent sentences in the world
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

in life, we always affect our state of mind because of the external environment, so we can't really be indifferent and mature.

you know that anything that happens in life is no accident.

so you have to believe that wherever you go, it's where you should go, experience something you should experience, and meet some people you should meet.

everything in the world is cause and effect. Read these ten sentences and live a happy life.


Life is made by oneself, phase by heart

by oneself, phase by heart, everything in the world is transformed. The heart does not move, everything does not move, the heart does not change, everything remains the same.

what kind of cause, what kind of effect, all the state of bitterness and happiness, are created by their own heart.

if the mind moves with all things, then everything in the world is unstable. If there is a fixed number in the mind, then no matter how the external things change, they will not affect themselves.

your own destiny is always in your own hands, joys and sorrows, but for your own benefit, life should be better.


not confused, not trapped in love

if life is a glass of water, then pain is the dust that falls from the cup.

No one's life is always full of happiness, and there is always some pain that will afflict our hearts.

We can choose to calm down and slowly precipitate the pain. If we keep messing with it, pain will fill our lives.

therefore, only if we are not confused and not trapped in love, can we live a safe life without fear of the future or the past.


not as usual

Life, everything can't go well; everything can't go well in life. As the saying goes, "unpleasant things are often nine times out of ten, but there are no two or three words with others."

do not take the villain seriously, because it is not worth it; do not take the society seriously, because it is less worthy; do not take the past seriously, because it is worthless; do not take it seriously, because it is necessary to continue.

tolerance because of kindness; responsibility because of responsibility; willingness to compromise for some reason.

only by belittling life can we get happiness; only by looking down on the world can we reap happiness.


know how to give up

see clearly why to expose a person and hate a person why to fall out. Alive, there are always people who don't like it, just like others don't like us.

the maturity of a person is not age, but how to give up, how to integrate, and how not to fight.

there are some difficulties without saying pain, not because you don't feel it, but because you know that it's the same as saying it or not; it's not that you don't care about those hidden wounds, but that you know how to repair them slowly.


choose an ordinary life

I choose to be kind, not because I am weak, because I understand that cause and effect is not empty, and there is retribution for good and evil.

I choose tolerance, not my cowardice, because I understand: to forgive others is to forgive myself.

I choose to be confused, not that I am really confused, because I know that some things cannot be disputed, and some will come even if they do not dispute.

I choose a plain life, not that I don't expect prosperity, because I understand:

fame and fortune are floating clouds, and I can only sublimate myself if I can stand loneliness.


go with your heart and be at ease

the truth of life is just hidden in insipidity. Life begins with your own cries and ends with the tears of others, and the process in between is happiness.

Life is not complete, follow the heart, go with the circumstances, there is a long way to go, there are joys and sorrows, simplify life, let the painting of life beautiful, let the books of time rich!

take a rest when tired, dance with the breeze, be quiet when you are bored, stare with flowers and plants, slow down when you are in a hurry, and smile with yourself.


No one will walk with you all the time

No matter who you meet, he or she is the one who should be in your life. This means that no one comes into our lives by accident.

Are you ready to buy a magnificent purple short prom attire that will make you stand out in any crowd? This is your one stop place for the perfect collection.

when you go to school, you will meet a group of classmates, and you will accompany each other to witness the best and most carefree years of each other's lives.

you will meet a group of colleagues after graduation. Even if you change jobs frequently, there are still colleagues waiting for you. Back and forth, there are a lot of people through your life, but also enrich your life.

but no one will walk with you all the time. There are new people in every process of life, and you will be the same for others.


the only thing that will happen

whatever happens, it's the only thing that will happen. What we experience cannot happen in any other way, not even the least important details.

whatever happens, it is the only thing that will happen, and it must happen that way so that we can learn the experience so that we can move on.

for better or worse, those things will always give us some inspiration to give us a clearer direction in the future.


the right time

No matter when things start, it's always the right time.

Life is a wonderful term, and at the same time it is fresh. The wonderful thing about

is that something new happens at any time.

everything starts at the right time, neither early nor late. When we are ready to experience the new moments of life, it is there, ready to begin.


A beginning and an end

is over.

Life has a beginning and an end, especially things.

when you experience a love, the beginning is good, but the end may not be satisfactory.

but in any case, this love has become a part of your life, teaching you to grow and how to love.

this is so simple. When something in life is over, it will help us evolve. Fully enjoy what has happened, because it is over.

there are still many beautiful things waiting for you in the future. Therefore, we should learn to enjoy life, those things that are over, calmly let go and move on!