Those who help you don't owe you; let your people not be afraid of you.

Those who help you don't owe you; let your people not be afraid of you.
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people will inevitably fall into a predicament if they travel through the floating world all their lives.

at this time, everyone wants someone to help them.

when you meet a good person for help, you are naturally full of gratitude and joy.

but if no one answers, some people will be disappointed and even become angry and resentful.

when you think about it, what can be taken for granted in this world?

those who are willing to help you do not owe you anything, but because they have you in their hearts, and those who take the initiative to let you do so are not afraid of you, but because they cherish you.

therefore, do not easily hurt a person who is kind to you, let alone let down a person who takes the initiative to help you.

only they are sincere to you.

as the ancients said: gold is easy to get, but hard to find.

in this world, only true feelings can live up to.


people who help you do not owe you

in life, there are often some people who subconsciously "pull" their relationship with others and add a lot of expectations to them:

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"We have known each other since childhood, and he will certainly help with this trivial matter";

"We are so close that we will not refuse to borrow some money from him";

"We have known each other for so many years, she will not forget me."

as a result, the hair didn't help, the friend didn't borrow money, the bosom friend didn't reply, and all the seemingly taken-for-granted endings didn't happen.

at this time, they will be uncontrollably sad and disappointed because the other person has failed to give them the feedback they expected.

the stupidest thing in life is to take everything for granted.

Hua Luogeng once said, "when others help me, I will never forget; when I help others, don't bear in mind." Be grateful to those who are sincere to us, because they could not have done so. "

everyone should understand that it is the duty of others to help themselves, but not to help them.

to put it more clearly, the help of others comes from a friendship and kindness, not an obligation.

I remember that on Weibo, a famous lawyer was refused to change shops on a train, which sparked a lot of hot discussion.

the lawyer took the child to school, but only got the upper berth ticket.

after getting on the bus, he began to find someone to change shops with him. Along the way, two boys refused his request, and finally two girls changed places with him.

after that, the lawyer "talked a lot" on Weibo. To sum up, it is immoral for the girl to give up her seat to me, while the boy does not give up her seat.

such an attitude towards others and self-discipline is enough to reflect a person's self-cultivation and conduct.

We were born in this world, everyone is an independent individual, and there is no reason why anyone has to do anything for you.

even relatives and loved ones, there is no such thing as "taking it for granted".

as Ang Lee said during his visit:

"just because I have become a father and a husband does not mean that I can naturally get their respect." You still have to earn their respect every day, and you have to meet a certain standard. "

I think so.

the so-called relationship between people is not for you to use unscrupulous bargaining chips. Others help you, not because they owe you anything, but because of their love for you.

therefore, you must know how to be grateful.

only by keeping a "humble heart" will not chill the heart of those who are really kind to you.


Let your people not be afraid of you

the Buddhist sutra says: forbearance is a virtue, not a debt.

all one's life, it is easy to think of oneself, but difficult to think of others.

because of this, those who know how to make concessions are even more precious.

they care more about the overall situation than their own gains and losses, so it doesn't matter if they take a few steps back and suffer some grievances.

such people look cowardly and incompetent, but in fact they are broad-minded and magnanimous, and make people respect wherever they go.

Bao Shuya knew how to back down and relinquished his position as prime minister to the more talented Guan Zhong. Finally, with the help of Guan Zhong, the State of Qi went to prosperity, and Bao Shuya was also remembered by future generations.

Lin Xiangru knew how to back down. No matter how humiliating Lian Po was, he never cared about it. In the end, Zhao Guoqiang was respected by later generations.

Han Xin knows how to back down. He knows that he doesn't have to argue with gangsters, put up with the humiliation of crotch, and eventually become a famous general.

in life, concessions are not cowardice, but an attitude conducive to solving problems;

concessions are not self-abandonment and self-improvement, but also an open-minded mind.

you know, no one will be wronged for no reason, all concessions are because of cherish, all tolerance is because of value.

just like Lu Xiucai and Guo Furong in the Swordsman.

Guo Furong yelled at Lv Xiucai every day and got into a big fight every time she disagreed. She once proudly threatened her husband's way of training: no more body pain, no humming.

and Lu Xiucai is "afraid to show up" in front of her every day and tolerates unconditionally no matter what kind of treatment she receives.

in this relationship that seems to be strong in women and weak in men, the reason why Guo Furong can be so unscrupulous is not because the scholar is really incompetent, but because he knows a truth: concession is love, tolerance is love.

in any relationship, the person who is willing to give way to you must be the one who cares about you most!

so don't look down on those who put up with you, and don't ignore those who tolerate you, because cherishing is precious enough for them!

in the long years, it is lucky to have a minister like this.Fu.

therefore, while time is not old, cherish the people around you, take advantage of the happiness around you, and don't leave yourself any regrets.

after all, there are some people who will never come back once they leave; there are some things that they will no longer have once missed.

Life is alive, only by cherishing it can you deserve it.