Tolerate words, tolerate things, tolerate people (well written)

Tolerate words, tolerate things, tolerate people (well written)
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as the old saying goes, "there must be tolerance, but virtue is great."

to be a man, you must be open-minded and inclusive of everything in order to achieve the vastness of virtue.

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not everyone and everything can be in line with our wishes when we live a lifetime.

there is no room for them, there is no room for them everywhere; if you can tolerate them, life will be easier.

if a person can regard "tolerance" as the criterion of dealing with the world, his heart will be stronger and his life will be smoother.



tolerance means being able to listen to the opinions of others.

on the road of life, there will be all kinds of voices with us.

some words, though not pleasant to hear, are very beneficial to our lives.

Huan Kuan said: "those who see much are knowledgeable, those who hear much are wise, those who refuse advice are blocked, and those who are dedicated to themselves are lonely."

those who are tolerant are wiser.

during the Spring and Autumn period, Qi Jinggong, the monarch of Qi, liked drinking so much that he sometimes didn't enjoy drinking for seven days and nights.

as a monarch, if this is the case for a long time, it will certainly delay business.

therefore, the minister Hongzhang advised: "the king should give priority to state affairs and drink every day. This is a foolish act. I hope you can give up drinking, otherwise please give me a death first."

Qi Jinggong is a little angry and tangled. Hongzhang is indeed telling the truth, but he feels that he can't quit drinking.

so he complained to Yanzi and said, "I'm afraid of losing the pleasure of drinking, but I don't want Hongzhang to commit suicide. What do you think I should do?"

Yanzi said, "Hongzhang is so lucky to meet a monarch like you!" If you had met Xia Jie and King Zhou of Yin, you would have been dead already! "

the tangled Duke Qi Jinggong immediately said firmly, "I'll stop drinking right away."

Qi Jinggong is good at being talkative, and although he is critical, he is willing to accept it.

so under his management, the State of Qi also became prosperous.

tolerance, not just listen to good words, but listen to both good and bad.

just like Zizhi Tongjian said, "listening at the same time makes sense, and partial belief is dark."

sometimes, each of us is so confused that we are not aware of our own problems.

it is also a help for us when others point out the problem.

A man can't build a car behind closed doors.

those who are tolerant can walk more steadily on the road of life.



tolerance is to face what happens with a good state of mind.

there is a saying: "Life is like a deck of playing cards. Everyone wants a good deck of cards, but everyone has a chance to get a bad hand."

it is not terrible to get a bad card. Admit that you have lost before the worst part begins.

what will happen to everyone is unpredictable.

if you are discouraged by bad things, then life is meaningless.

A company recently recruited two new interns.

on the second day, the company was understaffed, so when it set up the project, it included two interns.

soon, they received a lot of work information.

those jobs are a big challenge for them.

one of the interns is very dissatisfied and has been complaining about the company's abuse of interns.

also said that his classmate internship in what a good unit, how good treatment, how easy work.

then, all kinds of laziness about the work he accepted also caused the dissatisfaction of his team leader.

while another intern didn't complain, he thought it was a rare work experience.

he earnestly completes every task assigned by his superior every day.

three months later, the uncomplaining intern already knows the business of the company like the back of his hand.

while the other person just wants to hang out as an intern, do nothing every day, and the project is a mess.

finally, the uncomplaining intern received a job offer from the company, and the other left the company at the end of his internship.

Maslow said:

"if the state of mind changes, the attitude changes; the attitude changes, the habits change; the habits change, the character changes; the personality changes, life changes."

people who cannot tolerate things will feel that the world is collapsing when they encounter problems;

people who can tolerate things will feel that it is an opportunity when they encounter problems.

whatever happens is good or bad, we have to face it.

dealing with it with a good attitude will do those things more effectively and calmly than with a negative attitude.



tolerance is tolerance.

the last sentence says, "since you come out of the hole, you will be invincible. You must forgive others and forgive others."

those who are tolerant of others are really magnanimous.

tolerant of others, in fact, a person can put aside other people's mistakes and be kind to others.

this is a very high state of life.

in the preparation for a concert, the little girl was afraid that no one would come to listen to her performance, so she claimed on the poster that she was a favorite pupil of the piano master Liszt.

so many people come to the concert.

Liszt happened to be performing in the concert hall next door. After seeing the poster, Liszt went to see the little girl's performance.

the little girl was frightened when she saw Liszt.