Walking, I have reached the age that I can't afford to play.

Walking, I have reached the age that I can't afford to play.
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

I have reached the age when I can't afford to play.

as I walked, I woke up and was no longer nice to everyone. I was nice to whoever was good to me.

walking, I know that time may not be affectionate, but must be able to see the hearts of the people.

walking, I understand that no one will always tolerate and forgive you like your parents.

as I walked, I was afraid, because the older I was, the more relatives I left. Life is impermanent!

as I walked, I was afraid, because if I was not careful, my internal organs would be hurt, and I was afraid of the pain covered with scars.

walking, I have changed, all the pain are stubbornly carried by myself, I have become tenacious, more like a cactus, I can live anywhere.

as I walk, I have an epiphany, I am no longer so paranoid, and I am no longer so attached to some persistence.

as I walk, I have learned to let both those who are willing and those who are reluctant to give up go with fate.

as I walk, I am mature and can turn a blind eye to a lot of things I don't like.

as I walk, I wake up. Not everyone is willing to go through everything with you.

as I walk, I see through that sometimes there must be something in my life, and don't force it all the time.

walking, I see clearly, do not envy others, their own life is very good!

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Happiness is not the size of your house, but the laughter in it.

it's not how luxurious a car you drive, but your safety.

it's not how much money you save, but the freedom of body and mind every day.

it's not how beautiful your lover is, but your lover's smile.

it's not how many officials you have become, but that people say you are a good person.

not to eat well and dress well, but to be free from illness and disaster.

it's not how enthusiastic the applause is when you are successful, but when you are frustrated, a voice says to you: come on, friend!

it's not how many sweet words you have heard, but when you are sad and cry, someone says to you: it's all right, I'm here.