When you are angry, recite these four sentences silently.

When you are angry, recite these four sentences silently.
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Life is like spiritual practice, the path is long and hindered.

there is warm sunshine and cold wind and frost on the way.

our mood is like an inverted hourglass, anger and happiness on one side, more angry moments, less happiness.

instead of being angry, learn to practice your heart.

if the mind changes, the attitude changes;

attitude changes, life changes.

in just a few decades, always haggling over everything is undoubtedly the greatest consumption of life.

when you are angry, please read these four sentences silently so that you will be calm and calm.


it's not worth

Aesop once said:

Last century, in New York, there was a famous billiards match.

seed Louis. Fox is very proud, because his result is far ahead, as long as the normal play, the championship trophy for him, like a bag of things.

however, a small thing that happened at the beginning of the game led to unexpected results.

A fly inadvertently landed on the cue ball. Louis didn't care at first. He waved away the fly, leaned down and posed for the ball.

but the fly came back and landed on the cue ball again, impartially.

he frowned and drove the flies away.

unexpectedly, it came again, and the pesky fly seemed to have a grudge against Louis, but it still landed on the cue ball.

the stubborn fly "spoiled the situation" several times, causing the audience around to laugh coaxingly.

Louis was so angry that he flushed, swung his club angrily and hit the fly.

as a result, this shot accidentally hit the cue ball. According to the rules of the game, Louis had already hit the ball, so he had to return to his seat angrily.

when it was his opponent John's turn to take the stage, he seized this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and played a series of good results.

so John won the game.

Louis kept swearing, broke the club and walked out of the game angrily.

everyone sighed: Louis lost a game because of a fly.

but which is more important, a fly or a game?

although flies come to make trouble, their emotions can't be swayed by it.

anger is like a fly flying about, which makes us lose our original peace.

A happy mood, a precious opportunity, is destroyed by a single anger.

Why get angry when it's no big deal?

it's not worth it.


Don't take it seriously

anger, we lose not only a game, but also a lot of opportunities and happy times.

Zhou Guoping said:

in life, there are not so many right and wrong. If you have a broad heart, you can live as sweet as honey. If you haggle and haggle, your days will become chaotic.

my colleague Sasha divorced after six months of marriage. The trigger for divorce, which is very dramatic, stems from a "laundry incident".

she likes to use a decorative cover to cover the washing machine.

Sasha's husband objected: "what kind of cover do you often use for washing machines?" It's not convenient. " So, as soon as he saw it, he took it down immediately.

Sasha put it on again, and the two often quarreled over it.

after collecting clothes from the balcony, she is used to leaving the clothes hanger on the clothes pole, while her husband must put it away because she "stays there and falls ash".

Sasha was very angry: it was very inconvenient for me to hang clothes.

neither of them will give way to each other, so it is inevitable to have a quarrel, and after the quarrel, we must ask clearly which sentence the quarrel is about and whose fault it is.

that's it. I can't go on.

when Sasha finished, we all thought it a pity.

laundry is only the fuse, the real reason is that it is too serious.

when there are differences of opinion, one side refuses to yield, the other refuses to give in and competes with each other.

A small friction triggered an earthquake of intimacy.

when I was young, I always felt that the truth had to be understood before I was convinced.

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it was only when I grew older and experienced that I finally found that

everything hurts the most feelings, and it is the most tiresome to try to figure out everything.

think of a particularly popular short story:

A husband and wife play chess and see themselves on the brink of victory.

the wife began to cheat, saying that her horse could walk the word "field" because it was a Chollima. After hearing this, the husband smiled.

the wife added: her soldiers can walk backwards because they are special forces;

then she simply announced that her elephant is a Dumbo and her gun is an anti-aircraft gun;

what is even more strange is that the wife played an "infernal affairs" and unexpectedly used her husband's taxi to kill her husband's general, saying that this was the "undercover" she had sent to lurk for many years.

the husband did not compete with his wife and willingly threw in the towel.

finally, the wife happily went to do the housework.

in fact, any good relationship requires someone who knows how to be soft, give in first, and don't take it seriously.

be serious with your lover, even if you win the battle, the love will fade.

is like a highly praised answer on a topic:

accept yourself without demanding on each other, so that the piano is harmonious and get along affectionately.


it doesn't matter

Liang Shiqiu once said:

Zeng Guofan, a famous minister in the late Qing Dynasty, was an official to the second grade during the Daoguang period, but he always kept a low profile.

according to the rule, the blue sedan must give way to the green sedan.

one day, Zeng Guofan went out in a sedan chair and met a green sedan chair head on on a narrow road. Zeng Guofan ordered people to pull over, but the other side still couldn't get through.

seeing that the sedan chair opposite did not give way in time, the official could not help saying that he pulled people out of the sedan chair angrily, ready to scold him. Unexpectedly, it was Zeng Guofan who came out.

the other party quickly knelt and kowtowed to beg the adult's forgiveness.

Zeng Guofan picked up the official and said sincerely, "it doesn't matter. I am really in the way of adults. It is important for adults to hurry."

We can also meet such people in our lives who may be bitter and angry about trivial things.

even, be sure to ask for an explanation until you see the other person eating shrunken and subdued.

in fact, the width of the heart is one inch and the width of the road is one inch.

being a man wins in kindness and loses in temper.

in the Book of Rites, it is said that "joy, anger, sorrow, fear, love, evil and lust are capable of learning", which means that people's emotions are instinctive.

it is instinctive to get angry, but it is a skill to know how to restrain.

when you meet someone who offends you, say "it doesn't matter". It's a big deal to ignore it.

if you can keep your temper under control, you can become an atmosphere.

Wisdom comes from a tolerant heart.


A psychologist did an experiment: he asked experimenters to write down angry things on the first weekend and throw them into large cardboard boxes.

by the end of the second week, he checked with the experimental members one by one and found that 90% of the things no longer made them angry.

then he asked everyone to put the remaining 10% back into the cardboard box and come back in two weeks.

as a result, it is found that 10% of people's anger is no longer a problem, and they are fully capable of solving it.

the Roman philosopher Seneca once said, "the best cure for anger is procrastination."

No matter how long the night is, there will be the light of dawn.

No matter how long the winter is, there will be a return of spring.

No matter how much trouble there is, it will eventually pass.

ups and downs are the norm. Everything will eventually clear up after the rain. Only by looking at it can you live a good life.

if there's anything that really bothers you, leave it to time.

it is not worth it to add so much anger and annoyance to one's life and vegetation.

the vicissitudes of the world, get lost, and eventually become smoke and smoke, the more you care, the narrower your space will be.

for the rest of your life, may you look down on everything, smile often, and let everything go with the wind.

in this way, we live up to our visit to the world.