Who told you that life doesn't need hypocrisy?

Who told you that life doesn't need hypocrisy?
It's as important as ritual.

"at this moment"

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I don't know when I will consider "hypocritical" in advance in everything I do, that is to say, I do not know when. I am afraid that others will say that I am "hypocritical". This word has become a very serious accusation to me for a certain period of time. Because "hypocritical" in other people's interpretation, there is an element of "affectation", and because that sentence "bitch is hypocritical", it seems to have the meaning of "bitch".

but now, at this moment, I still want to be serious and hypocritical.

recently, the whole dormitory has been caught in a cold wave. I can hear my roommate talking to my family on the phone to report the progress of my illness on time every night. Until today, when I was so feverish, I never called my family or went to see a doctor. The reason is that I don't want to feel hypocritical. I will not push any activities or requests with illness, because I always think that others may think, "Don't you just feel hypocritical? my ass!" God knows what it's like to be terminally ill and collapse at any time. I want to say that I have a fever today. I want to sleep all day and do nothing. I want to call home and cry directly and complain about how painful it is to be ill in a foreign land. I all want to send friends' attention and concern. In fact, we all know that doing these things will not help us to do anything, such as you are sick, it will not help you to solve your illness. But maybe I said that someone would feel comforted if someone made a phone call and someone sent me some pills.

this need may be defined by us as hypocritical, but life needs hypocrisy.

I don't know when to start. After a day, you encounter something worth mentioning, and you have a lot of feelings to share. If you can't sleep late at night, you will inevitably think too much. When you edit a long speech in your moments, you still choose to delete it word by word after hesitation. You may even have sent it out, deleted it two minutes later while no one read it, and finally just typed in a sentence that no one else can understand.

because people think that feeling late at night is tantamount to hypocrisy. I also know that it doesn't help to disclose your emotions to people, but maybe I did, and someone who happened to feel the same way that day had a chat and found that the problem wasn't that serious.

for fear of being called "hypocritical", I lost the opportunity to have a heart-to-heart relationship with that person.

people who remember your birthday every year can count it with one hand. When Miss A talked to me about this topic on her birthday night last month, it completely violated the image that she was so cold that she didn't need the concern of the whole world. She said, "I also want someone to pinch the time and surprise my birthday in the early morning. I also want friends all over the world to secretly send me gifts a few days in advance." I always want to have dinner with important people on that day, and every time I think the whole world must be secretly planning for me. It doesn't matter to say with a wry smile until the last hour and the last minute of my birthday. I don't need company. I don't need these formalized things. Because once I say, today is my birthday, I want you to accompany me, other people may think, just give birth to a day? hypocritical my ass! " I know that people who value you will naturally remember your birthday, and there is no point in asking you to remind them, but in fact, there are so many people in the world who will remember such days like your parents. Male and female friends may not be able to do so.

know that when you see this, you want to call me hypocritical again.

but now I want to tell you that I am sick and I need you to care about me. I just want to tell you that I have a lot of feelings and I want to find someone to chat with. I want to tell you tomorrow, my birthday, I want you to have dinner with me.

these needs may have been defined by them as "hypocritical", but who told you that life does not need hypocrisy?

@ Zhang Jingshi

I just started using Wechat when I graduated from the third year of high school. Today, I turn back to my moments a year or two ago and find that there are a lot of words that can't help laughing. There is an ambitious statement before going to work at McDonald's:

"I know I am more diligent than the sun, that is enough."

there is also pretentious sharing in the beginning of chaos:

"I don't know when it's going to die, but I'll try my best to keep it alive."

in moments like this, there are always more people in the like column, and some friends will even comment on the words "come on" below. I looked down the time and found that I laughed at myself when I was getting an injection in the hospital, and I also showed my love once a month. But I also found that the closer I get to the present, the less emotional adjectives I have in my circle of friends.

there are a lot of eel whales saying "words that others can't understand", and there are very few people who like to like me below, and my good friends who like to satirize me have all disappeared.

I flipped through my moments and found that people, like me, express their opinions less and less as they get older, and have a lot of self-mockery and innocuous retweets. In fact, I know that maybe this is not because we are getting older, but because we have more and more Wechat friends.

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so much that we don't know who we added, so much that we know there must be people in there who are watching our jokes.

so let's not be hypocritical in moments. It is often enough to express our views through various Subscription account articles.

but you need to be hypocritical in life. When you see a moving movie, you don't have to laugh at the actor's facial expression so that you can enrich your emojis. When you hear a touching song, you can lead the person you like to stand off the stage without saying a word, instead of analyzing its ups and downs. Or when you are sad, it is better to hold her in your arms and cry instead of hiding and forcing her to smile.