You are not allowed to be alone.

You are not allowed to be alone.
The essence of loneliness is the same no matter how infinite it is.

I went to the lake to see a graduation photo exhibition on the weekend of New year's Day. On a typhoon day, I happened to run into a senior graduation defense. The north gate of the school was full of vendors selling flowers. After watching the exhibition, a man was holding an umbrella through the fake grass to find a classmate. In the rain, he saw a boy running in a formal suit on the playground. It rained heavily, began to run very fast, stopped slowly by the rostrum, and finally lay flat on the track. I don't know what kind of blow I suffered, or I was having the last farewell ceremony about "feelings" before graduation. At that time, there were only two people in the playground of rainstorm and lightning. I passed by with an umbrella in my hand. I walked away silently for fear that others might think of me as meddling. I didn't come forward. I was still bitter about that picture ever since.

two months ago, I went home to visit my sick grandmother. in a room where only a small yellow light bulb was as dark as the 1970s and 1980s, Grandma staggered down on the edge of the bed, with a bowl of potion on the bedside table, lonely as a sculpture. I looked at the veins on her hands and carefully noticed the wrinkled lines on her face. She pointed to me and asked my mother seriously, "who is this little girl?" Later, in the stairwell, my mother told me that Grandma was probably leaving.

during the summer vacation of the second year of high school, I went to Guangzhou to find my sister. I used to envy her that she was beautifully dressed to work in the city's most prosperous commercial center every day. That time she witnessed how she walked carefully across the muddy beach after the rain in her high heels after work, through the smelly garbage heap, and went back to the rental house of more than ten square meters at a glance. A packet of instant noodles was a meal when working overtime. I lay alone in my room for three days when the stomach ulcer broke out.

I remember that Eason Chan sang a song, "he is alone". After reading a book by Huang Weiwen, he said in the book that during the period before writing this song, he made movies every night in the old police dormitory on Hollywood Road. The greatest pleasure in waiting every day was to stay in one place and observe the 128 windows of the residential building opposite. Within his viewing range, he noticed a man in his thirties, living alone, coming home on time at six o'clock every day, ordering takeout, watching a movie, laughing and crying. A person reads books, surfs the Internet, plays games, and goes to bed on time at 11:00 every day. Huang Weiwen wrote this song "he alone" after watching him continue this pattern for a whole week.

alone, as lonely as a B612 planet.

the loneliness I'm talking about is not the loneliness of eating alone or watching a movie alone. I like to do these things alone. The kind of loneliness I want to talk about is the loneliness of a group of people who suddenly quieten down after a night of talking and laughing. The kind of loneliness I want to talk about is that when I graduated, my roommates left one by one, and when I left the last one, I saw it empty on the door, suddenly a little nostalgic for the loneliness of the old "kennel"; the kind of loneliness I want to talk about is to work hard alone in a prosperous and glamorous workplace in a foreign country. I go into M after work to remember the loneliness of people coming and going outside the window. The kind of loneliness I want to say is that when I rarely want to talk to someone, the whole world happens to be busy, the world is so busy, but no one knows how to stop and listen carefully to your confession.

listening to a song when middle and high school is depressed will be more depressing. Eason Chan's "Anti-the most wonderful part" was asked me before, what is this song about? I asked him, have you ever been in a particularly high mood in the crowd, open the room door when you get home at night, or calm down in the shower, and suddenly feel a strong sense of fear? The "best part" I heard was that we were going from one party to another, and a bunch of people rushed from one party to the next, keeping ourselves busy, keeping the mood running high, and filling up the time. In fact, we were afraid that once we quieted down, once we were left alone, we would have an inexplicable sense of fear. One of the lyrics goes like this: "how can you fall into solitude again? how can you jump on these eighteen floors?"

An attended the school party, walked across half the school and the whole venue in tuxedos and heels never worn before. the people sitting in the corner stand glowed and watched the surrounding companions enthusiastically chat up and take photos. After saying goodbye to their friends in the middle of the night, after saying goodbye to their friends, they took off the high heels that had worn out their heels in the deserted school road in the middle of the night and walked alone in the moonlight.

B said that a person could not sleep on the train late at night and looked out of the window when the train track kept going backwards. At 04:00 in the morning, sitting at the Dali railway station at more than 10 degrees Celsius, he did not feel lonely when he was shivering with cold but had nowhere to go. A train that has been running around for more than 30 hours does not feel lonely when it is impossible to get a ticket to sleep in the aisle. One day I suddenly wanted to go home. When I trudged back to my hometown high-speed railway station, a man pushed a 28-inch suitcase in the middle of the night, a big travel backpack, and the laptop was hard to walk in the direction of the escalator, only to find that the elevator was out of service, and the whole platform was left alone. I slowly moved things back and forth one by one, and when I dropped half of my suitcase, I burst into tears unexpectedly. She said that at that moment, she really felt like she was alone in the whole world.



C the birthday of the second year of junior high school happens to be the coldest day of that year. At noon, a man took 100 yuan from his mother to ride to a fast food restaurant to buy a beef tenderloin spaghetti and a cup of hot black tea. after packing it home, his hands were frozen purple, and the hot black tea was already cold. He sat alone in the dark and cold living room, turning on the TV loudly and pretending to be lively. It was November 11 of the lunar calendar, a string of numbers that looked very lonely, year after year.

D fainted on the balcony. I often fainted before, but I never felt really dead like this one, and even some pictures flashed through my mind like a horse lantern. There was no one in the dormitory, no cell phone, no way to call for help, alone. I don't know how long after she began to regain a little consciousness, she desperately told herself that "there are still many things not to be done", and her fingernails pinched crescent blood marks into her skin. Finally, when I was able to feel the cold bricks on the ground, I braved a cold sweat to rejoice that I was still alive. This process lasted more than half an hour, and no one knew.

well, AThe B C D is all me, and maybe there is an E F G that hasn't been mentioned.

do you feel lonely when you take the train to watch people coming and going out of the window? you don't feel lonely when you accompany a couple to eat and watch a movie, and you don't feel so lonely when you are surrounded by people who are out of place. It's just that sometimes it's like playing with a sudden brain short circuit, not knowing who you are, what you're doing here, and where you can go. I really feel a little lonely, so lonely that I want to cry.

asked a question that day:

"what was your loneliest moment?"

❖ ❖ ❖

one day after work, I took a two-hour bus to the seaside and looked at the boundless sea and the scattered crowd. I felt that I didn't know where to go.

after taking a part-time job in the mall, there is a family of three walking along the road. There are lovers and dog walkers. I don't even have a dog. I am listening to a song and waiting for the bus to go back to school. Today is my birthday. No one knows, not even my family.

A person goes to a strange place and gets off on the wrong bus, but obviously he has panicked, but he can only pretend to run around silently with heavy luggage.

the loneliest time is probably when I vomited alone from eight o'clock in the evening to six o'clock the next day. I almost fainted in the toilet. No one knows, but only know then. Some things

when I moved to the dormitory in the second year of high school I carried heavy luggage from east to west of the school by myself, and carried it back and forth three times. When I finally moved to the dormitory on the sixth floor, I suddenly remembered that there was still a quilt left, and then I walked back to the East side slowly.

the loneliest moment I walked out of the canteen with my new boyfriend, he walked in front, and I accidentally slipped behind. He didn't notice that he was far away, and I didn't hear him shout. I fell so dirty that I stood up in cold eyes and mocking laughter

the day I left. I suddenly wondered what was the point of having something else. Is

the loneliest? It reminds me of the last time I went back to another city from Guangzhou alone at night and took the bus to the bus terminus. It was cold, rainy and painful, but the most maddening thing was the traffic jam on the road. I was afraid that I could not catch the last bus home. The feeling of eagerly wanting to go home made me cry anxiously on the bus. At that time, I felt so lonely and my mood was out of control.

A minor illness such as a cold in college far from home is homesick but afraid to talk to my mother

when I go home on weekends, I will watch TV alone in the living room and see 1 o'clock on Sunday night. no one talks to me and plays games by myself. There are no interesting programs on TV, but I just want to turn on the TV and listen to the sound and feel that I am not alone.

is the thing I most want to share with you, but you said, "I don't want to hear it"

one day I walked back to the dormitory with the people of the department, they were talking, but I didn't want to say anything. I lost it in the crowd, and then walked alone back to the dormitory at night.

❖ ❖ ❖

the last movie: 02:00 McDonald's Coffee 03:00 Liu Yong's 04:00 City Street 05:00 High Speed Railway Station and Sunrise are all alone on the same day without feeling much lonely and a little calm, but do not want to experience

the loneliest moment is not "the second cup is half price", not "roommates go home only their own dormitory" It's not when you "open the luggage door like a man in a car", but when you suddenly want to be "sad", suddenly want to be "unscrupulous", and suddenly want to be "different". But I flipped through the address book and gave up the idea.

it should be August this year, when I went to work in the office with my ex-boyfriend, and then broke up there. He sat in the courtyard far away from me and sang "the return to the State". They had been together for four years, and they were in the city where he and she went out for the first time. Then he went back to our family to find her, and then I went back to Taiwan. He chose to stay in Taiwan. I never heard that song again. It seems that it was a problem. It should be the time for him to sing that song. One person I thought he liked me and I handed myself over to him has always remembered another person. It was my loneliest time

being in a different place, listening to old songs, thinking of the people of the past, and gradually losing touch.

the power is out. A man lit a candle, boiled water, looked in the mirror, said to the person in the mirror that he was hungry, ate, and then scalded a noodle with boiling water. After eating, he whispered a happy birthday.

when I was a child, my little cousin was drowned at my grandfather's house. My grandfather and I stayed up late to keep the spirit for three days. Waiting for mom and uncle to come back from the south. My grandfather was crying that last night. I comforted my grandfather and said that there was me, but my grandfather suddenly roared, "what do you know?" My grandson is gone! My grandson is gone! The loneliness I felt at that moment was a hundred times lonelier than staying up at a wake for three days.

Spring Festival, in Didu, alone, eat fire alone at night, point the smallest portion, work very hard, but still can not finish eating

loneliness is that everyone agrees with you, but does not get the recognition of the person you most want to be recognized

Are you puzzled by the many styles of lace gowns wedding with long sleeves in our online shop? There simply is no better place to purchase a dress than

loneliness is to take the bus and watch out of the window and fall asleep. Wake up and have already passed the station. But you still walk back with an expressionless face, and you don't even have any emotion in your heart.

I'm waiting for her, she's waiting for him.

see where there is good food and fun on the Internet. I am thinking about how to start a person

❖ ❖ ❖

in the third year of high school, it is the most fulfilling and happy to continue to study in the classroom after the evening course, because I have a group of like-minded friends to accompany me through this period of time; in collegeHou, studying in the classroom after class is the loneliest, because in the face of escaping thoughts, silent learning becomes a silent mode.

my great-grandmother, who raised me, died, and I burst into tears unwittingly, during which my mother did not cast a glance at me. At the end of the funeral, I knelt in the funeral hall and quietly looked at the relatives and friends who ate and drank happily. Up to now, I still woke up in nightmares. Later, I realized that happiness is the happiness of most people, and loneliness is just my despair.

when something happened at home, someone obviously asked me what was wrong, but I didn't want to tell anyone.

when I was most lonely and helpless, I was sick that day. I went out to do some shopping, forgot my keys, crouched on my doorstep and didn't light my cell phone. There's only 10% left. Then I sent him a message. What are you doing? He said, I have something to do. I'll talk about it tonight. Well, at that time, I felt as if I was not alone, but I wanted to wait alone. And then broke up.

the loneliest time, I think when my roommates and I quarreled because of different views, they all fell asleep at night, and I was on the balcony looking at the sky and thinking for an hour.

the loneliest moment should be the winter before the high school entrance examination, saying goodbye to friends who were crazy in the past, without the company of family, eating, reading and doing exercises alone, and going home at night in a cold night with bright lights. The temperature in the north is often below zero, cold and lonely, tired but full, now it seems that it's all worth it.

sitting in front of the computer late at night, after watching the 300 + share carefully, I suddenly wanted to travel through time and space to give you a hug at that time. You, who were alone in a foreign land, couldn't buy a second cup at half price in front of McDonald's, you who didn't know where to go on the bus, you who were sick and left unattended in bed, repeatedly sang "Don't be doomed to be alone, always hug you together" in your headphones. I want to hand you the other half of the earplugs.

loneliness is endless, but it is the same in essence.

I really want to know you and tell you that you are not alone.

in fact, it is not lonely to eat, walk and watch movies alone, but there are people around you who can't resonate.

if you feel the same way, I might as well treat you to a movie.

this is a movie coupon, go alone or take another lonely him /her with you, and tell me how you feel after watching it.

you are not alone, you have music and movies, you have stories, and I feel the same way in another corner of the world and am willing to share it with you at any time.

"A hundred things may know you in your life is a kind of fate"