You can see a person clearly from posting Wechat.

You can see a person clearly from posting Wechat.
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when you are alive, you inevitably have to deal with different people, and the first thing to do with people is to communicate.

the way a person speaks not only hides his attitude towards the world, but also reveals his character.

so if you want to see a person's quality clearly, you can understand it from the Wechat posted by the other person.


attitude is perfunctory, love to answer

I saw a topic comment on Zhihu that day: when did you decide to give up on someone?

someone at the bottom replied: "when I took 99 steps towards ta and ta didn't get any closer to me."

you bought expired milk and found that it was past the expiration date, but he said, "even if your brain doesn't work well, your eyes are useless";

the evening sky is like God knocked over the color palette, the sunset is like blood, and you shoot it to him, and he says, "that's it, it's all right";

on your way home from late night work, you see that the star above your head is very bright, and you tell him, "you really have free time."

while walking in the community, I saw an old couple who stumbled and supported each other. You said you were envious, but he said, "there is no true love in the era of fast food."


when you share the interesting things around him, he either doesn't reply, or he perfunctorily talks about it every few hours.

until one day, when you go shopping with your friend, you find a new dessert shop, and you are about to tell him, but considering his perfunctory attitude and indifferent tone, you immediately delete the long list of words.

the end of a relationship begins with a loss of desire to share.

you are long-winded and eloquent, and he is a few words and perfunctory;

you are sincere and upsurge of emotion, and he is cold and indifferent. We all hope to meet people who have an account for everything, a reason for everything, and an echo for everything.

but in many cases, the message sent to the other party is like being sucked into a black hole, silent and silent;

even if the chat page says "the other party is typing", there is no reply.

as the saying goes, "if you want to win the respect of others, you must first learn to respect others!"

whether it is a lover or a friend, it is the basic social etiquette and the touchstone of character to reply in time after receiving the message.

people with good character know how to respect others, do not embarrass people when chatting, and sometimes do not reply in time, they will also explain the reasons and make others feel the warmth of being respected.

I feel at ease when dealing with such people.

and those who are used to "uh-huh" and "Oh" perfunctory, or disappear while chatting, tend to make people uncomfortable and create a sense of distance.

A person's most authentic upbringing is hidden in the details of his usual chat.

the person who is really worth talking to is not silent, not perfunctory, not cold-faced. If you go further to ta, ta will also take a step towards you.


something for you

A lot of people encounter this kind of thing in Wechat:

an old classmate who has been out of touch for a long time suddenly asks you on Wechat, "are you there?" Oh, I'm probably asking for your help.

after you help, he will hide and come back to you when something happens, and once you need it, he will pass the buck, or even deliberately alienate him.

such people, who cross the river and break down bridges and are ungrateful, only think of you when they need you. Even if they hit it off again, don't make friends with you. For a long time, it will only make you feel cold! Not long ago, I added Wechat with a long-lost college classmate by mistake.

I haven't seen you after graduation for many years. I naturally had a very lively chat at first, and all kinds of embarrassing things about my student days poured out all of a sudden.

but then it slowly changed. She sold acting fruit on Wechat, and it was "duty-bound" to take care of the business at first.

but then the contact was gone, but it popped up every now and then: "the first item in moments to help you like", "pull you into a group, and just return tomorrow."...

for the sake of the face of my old classmates, I thought it was all an easy thing to do, so I could help.

but after once, twice, or countless times, helping seems to be taken for granted, and the other person doesn't even bother to say "thank you".

such friendship becomes a burden.

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in fact, such things are very common around you.

people who haven't been in touch for 800 years, when they need you, they only lend a hand to you, but they usually don't bother to use one or two pleasantries to maintain a relationship.

just like in the TV series "I am Yu Huanshui", when Lu Fumeng needed to borrow money, he and Yu Huanshui became brothers and talked to each other, and Yu Huanshui was excited to lend the money.

when Yu Huanshui needed money to get back from his "good brother", Lu Fumeng evaded all sorts of excuses, but did not return the money.

I have read such a sentence:

but ignore that the connection here is "mutual". It is not that you have difficulties on one side and support me in all directions, while you turn a deaf ear to me when I am in trouble.

there is no time in this world that cannot be squeezed out, only appointments that you don't want to go to, no people who pretend to be stupid, only sincerity who refuses to give.

hypocritical people will soon be out of touch, and estranged relationships will gradually disappear. A relationship must respect each other and promote each other to the end.


there is an old Chinese saying that it is better to swear in front of others than to talk about others behind them.

everyone who likes to gossip and gossip seems to be superior in his tongue and slander others, but in fact he is betraying himself.

because of spreading rumors from himFrom the moment of other people's right and wrong, his quality and character have been hung on the edge of the cliff, and sooner or later he will fall to the bottom of the day.

recently, Xiao Wu, a 28-year-old girl, was ruined by three strangers on Wechat because she took a delivery.

Xiao Wu went to the courier to pick up the package as usual that day, waiting for the courier for a moment, the owner of the convenience store next door secretly photographed her with his mobile phone and sent it to the group of car friends.

when another man in the group saw the video, he immediately changed his Wechat nickname and profile picture and pretended to be the girl in the video.

sang along with the convenience store owner and vividly concocted a story full of "infinite reverie": "the lonely young woman, taking advantage of the opportunity of taking delivery, had an affair with the courier."

in order to increase credibility, the convenience store owner also took a serious video of himself walking into the community.

A fragrant story made up out of thin air was born without warning.

one spread ten, ten spread a hundred. The girl who was secretly photographed didn't know she was "hot" until the friend around her reminded her.

three men who lied about rumors were finally detained by the administration for nine days, but it was a lasting shadow for the girl for the rest of her life.

gossip is nothing but a conversation or two after dinner, but at large, it is a weapon to maliciously attack and hurt others at will.

some people will never see that others are better than themselves. when others are promoted, they will rely on their relationship. when others get rich, they will earn black-hearted money.

little do you know that those who talk about people behind their backs may not know when they will become "jokes" in the mouth of others. Sit still and often think about your own mistakes and gossip about others.

A person who has demands on himself will not easily talk about others behind his back at any time, let alone spread other people's privacy.

sincerity and trust are always mutual. If you make others feel reliable, they will come close to you.

No matter what is right or wrong in front of a person, no matter how long or short a person is, this is the best education to be a man.


people are in interpersonal relationships all the time.

often how Wechat responds to you represents his attitude towards you.

Heart and heart are opposite to each other, and emotion and emotion are equal.

you can pretend to be confused, but you can't be really confused; you can worry less about making friends, but you can't be without principles.

only by distinguishing the good from the bad and the true from the false, can we stay away from ineffective social interaction and gain true friends.

in the next days, may the people you meet be kind and loving, not perfunctory, not fooling around, live up to, treat people sincerely, and do things reliably.

May you meet such a person and keep company for the rest of your life!